Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation

Changing trends in health care and the expanding role of registered nurses demand improved clinical reasoning and the ability to care for increasingly complex patients. Marquette University College of Nursing is committed to producing nurses who are well-prepared to meet this demand.

A key element of this improved education and training is a rigorous, redesigned pre-licensure curriculum which debuted for incoming College of Nursing freshmen in fall 2012, and includes significant clinical simulation opportunities to ensure that Marquette nursing students learn the appropriate interventions for complicated health situations.

Accordingly, our former Simulation Technology and Learning Resource Center (STLRC) has been totally reimagined into the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation at Marquette University, which provides a realistic health care environment where our students can strengthen essential clinical competencies, develop sound clinical reasoning and prepare for high-risk situations. The new simulation center is made possible by an investment from Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare and the generosity of our alumni and friends. It is located in the lower level of the College of Nursing’s Emory T. Clark Hall.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation

Opened in August 2012, the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation includes:

  • Six-bed hospital suite with two intensive care rooms
  • Two medical surgical rooms
  • One pediatrics room and one labor and delivery suite
  • Two health clinic examination rooms
  • A home health/assisted living apartment
  • A clinical skills laboratory
  • Two four-bed patient care rooms and four debrief rooms, where professors and clinical educators are able to review video recordings of simulation exercises with students.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare, a leading provider of health care technologies to hospitals, clinics and health care networks worldwide, provided:

  •  $440,000 educational grant of items including patient monitors with advanced technological capabilities
  • Central nursing station
  • Telemetry technology
  • Infant incubators and ventilators, which allow Marquette nursing students and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare care providers to practice on the same equipment that they might encounter in clinical situations.

The Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation at Marquette will significantly bolster our efforts to improve health care delivery through excellence in nursing education.

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