The following program outcomes, based on the AACN Essentials of Baccalaureate Education, drive the undergraduate curriculum. The alumnus/a of the undergraduate curriculum will demonstrate the following role dimensions of the professional nurse.

Provider of Care

Use the nursing process to provide evidence-based, culturally competent care that incorporates bio-psycho-social, ethical and spiritual aspects of health.

Performance indicators:
Demonstrates use of nursing process.

  • Performs assessments appropriately
  • Accurately analyzes assessment data
  • Plans appropriate interventions
  • Demonstrates appropriate interventions
  • Evaluates patient care outcomes
  • Documents accurately

Incorporates bio-psycho-social, ethical and spiritual aspects of health into care.

  • Incorporates evidence-based care principles
  • Provides ethical, culturally competent care
  • Incorporates spiritual components into care

Leader of Care

Facilitate leadership through collaboration and advocacy to design and coordinate safe, cost-effective, quality care for individuals, families and aggregates.

Performance indicators:

  • Demonstrates appropriate coordination, delegation and supervision of nursing care.
  • Designs and evaluates safe, effective, quality care for individuals, families and aggregates.
  • Advocates for clients through collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.

Member of a Profession 

Enact professional behaviors that communicate respect for own and others’ values, commitment to ongoing learning, and promotion of social justice.

Performance indicators:

  • Demonstrates the use of professional nursing standards
  • Communicates respectfully in a clear accurate, relevant manner in oral, nonverbal and written modes.