Next Steps for Admitted International Undergraduates

Congratulations on your Admission to Marquette University!

Please note, you have TWO Marquette accounts.

  1. Application Account
    This is the account you used to check the status of your application and view your admission letter. You can also upload materials for your application and financial verification using this account. If you do not know your application account information, contact us at or call (414) 288-7289.
  2. CheckMarq Account
    CheckMarq access was sent by email soon after you submitted your application. You will use this account throughout your Marquette career for class registration and to view your tuition charges.

    If  you have trouble logging into your CheckMarq account or don't remember your password, call the IT Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 or visit the IT Services website.

1) Accept or decline admission

Log in to your Application account and click on the Reply to Admission form. Then select "Accept Admission" or "Decline Admission." Once you have accepted your admission, you will see your next steps.

2) Pay your deposit

The priority deadline for tuition and housing deposits is May 1 for Fall 2018 enrollment, and deposits are non-refundable. Deposits received up until June 15 will be considered on a space available basis. Submitting your deposit means you are committing to enroll at Marquette.

Tuition deposit $200
Housing deposit $300
Total deposit $500

Payment Methods

  • Credit card: Log in to your Application account and click on the Reply to Admission form. After you accept your offer of admission, you will see the payment procedures.
  • Bank check or money order: Make payable to “Marquette University” and send to OIE. Please indicate your Marquette ID number with your payment.
  • Bank wire transfer: Contact OIE for more information.
*If you are having trouble making your deposit payment, please contact immediately so that we can help. We are working to correct any problems with the payment system as soon as possible.

3) Submit your financial verification

I. Signed Financial Sponsorship Form (if not already submitted)  

Students fully sponsored by their home government or by other external scholarships should provide an official letter of support from their government or other sponsor instead of the sponsorship form.


II. Bank evidence
Students with private sponsors (parents, family, friends) must also provide a current, official bank statement or bank letter that clearly indicates that the financial sponsor has at least $60,400 (the 2017-18 estimated cost for 12 months) in his or her bank account. The bank statement must be dated no more than 12 months before intended Marquette enrollment.

Students who cannot obtain bank evidence can submit a larger verification deposit of $5,000. If you do not become a Marquette F-1 student, $4,500 is refundable. Students who are sponsored by their home government or who have evidence of other external scholarships do not need to provide bank evidence.

How to Send Your Financial Verification Materials

 Use one of these methods:

  • Upload documents using your Marquette application account. On your application status page, look for instructions under "Upload Materials." Be sure to label your materials as "Financial Sponsor Information" or "Bank Statement."
  • Send your materials as a scanned email attachment to
  • Send official materials by postal mail to the Office of International Education.

4) Receive your I-20

Once your deposit and financial verification are received, OIE will reserve your place at Marquette University and issue your Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) for your U.S. F-1 student visa. Please verify your correct mailing address in your Application Account, especially if it has changed since you submitted your Marquette application.

Students Transferring F-1 Status: If you currently have F-1 status, you must arrange to transfer your F-1 status to Marquette. Complete the F-1 Transfer History Form in consultation with the Designated School Official at your current school. Your “Pending Transfer” I-20 will be sent to you after the History Form is received and after your SEVIS record has been released to Marquette.

5) Submit your housing preferences

Complete the housing application by logging into your CheckMarq student account and clicking on the Next Step link and “Select Housing Preferences.” Two or three days after you have paid your deposit, the housing forms will be unlocked. Keep the following in mind:

  • All new students are required to live in a university residence hall during their first two years of study unless they are 21 years or older, more than two years out of high school or living with their parents. If you wish to request a waiver of this policy, please contact OIE.
  • Learn about your housing options and review additional information on the Life at Marquette webpage, including information about specialty housing options like the Engineering, Nursing or the Cross Cultural Leadership CommUNITY floors.
  • Students who desire a halal diet can request special arrangements with Marquette’s food service to provide basic halal entrée/main course options to supplement the standard dining offerings already acceptable for halal. Please send your request to OIE.
  • After submitting your housing and meal plan information, you can sign up for MarquetteCASH. This adds money to your ID card to be used for small purchases in the campus area. You will be billed later for MarquetteCASH. It is optional.

6) Complete the demographic survey

To better plan for our incoming class and allocate resources accordingly, you will be asked a small number of questions about yourself. The information collected will be used in aggregate and not individually identifiable. Complete the demographic survey through the Next Step link by answering each question as you are best able.

7) Submit required health forms

Submit the required immunization and tuberculosis forms online through CheckMarq and the Next Step link. Once you select "I am ready," all health forms will unlock. The university will suspend course registration if this information is not submitted.

What you will need for the online immunization form:

  • Date of your tetanus/diphtheria booster dose.
  • If you were born after 1957, the dates of your two MMR vaccines; OR your two measles, one mumps, one rubella vaccines; OR lab reports showing positive immunity
  • Month and year you had chicken pox; OR dates of varicella No. 1 or 2; OR a lab report showing positive immunity

For tuberculosis (TB) form:

  • Whether you have had a positive TB skin test; AND been in close contact with anyone with TB; AND a list of the countries you have traveled to or lived in (for more than two weeks); AND, if indicated, results of a TB test

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to modify the information in this section. DO NOT enter placeholder dates or click through the subsequent parts to preview the forms because you will be locked out and not able to make changes.

NOTE: If you are under age 18, you will need to print and complete the parental consent form.

Questions? Contact Medical Clinic at or through the Marquette Medical Clinic website.

Health Insurance
All Marquette students with F-1 and J-1 visa status are required to have acceptable year-round health insurance coverage for their entire period of studies.

Learn more about Marquette's health insurance.

8) Other forms to submit

Disability Accommodation/Services Request

If you have a disability and think you need accommodations, please complete this form. All information is confidential.


Before You Enroll: Academic Reminders

Complete Current Coursework
Your offer of admission is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the course work in which you are currently enrolled. Satisfactory completion means finishing the work with comparable or better grades than those upon which Marquette offered you admission. Submit an official copy of your final secondary school transcript, final certificates and/or university transcripts to Marquette no later than September 1. Transcripts should be mailed to the Office of International Education. The university will suspend course registration if these official documents are not received.

English Language Assessment
If English is not your first language, you will likely need to take the English Language Placement Test. This test is given during the international student orientation. The results of this test will be used to determine your enrollment in Marquette’s English as a Second Language Program classes.

ESLP classes are always taken in conjunction with regular academic courses and should generally be taken during the first year. Results from ESLP classes are calculated in your GPA and, in all colleges except Engineering, the credits also count toward your undergraduate requirements. Read more about the English as a Second Language Program.

Students who are exempt from the placement test because of extensive evidence of English language proficiency are welcome to take the test if they would like a proficiency assessment to use in planning studies.

Course Registration and Class Selection
Course registration will begin this summer. You will receive contact information for your academic adviser and a recommendation for your first semester class schedule.

Transfer Credit
Submit official transcripts or certificates for all International Baccalaureate, A-Level, Abitur, Advanced Placement and university courses no later than August 1 so that we can evaluate your previous advanced studies for possible transfer credit. In addition, please submit English translations of all related university course descriptions. Any transfer credit will be added to your online CheckMarq record for your review before registering for classes at Marquette.

Other Details

University Costs
University costs include tuition, a residence hall room, meal plan charges and student fees. Details are explained in the Rate Guide.  Also see our tuition information for total costs and estimated living expenses for 12 months. 

Payment of Tuition and Fees

An electronic billing statement will be generated after you register for classes. This information will be viewable in your CheckMarq student account under the Bursar tab. Click "View e-bill statements." Also see Marquette Central Office of the Bursar information with methods of payment, deadlines and monthly payment plans.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

International students are considered for financial scholarships at the time of admission. If awarded, your scholarship is announced in your admission letter and will be credited to your tuition account each semester. Unfortunately, Marquette does not offer international student loans or need-based financial aid. Scholarships are not awarded to students who have full government funding.

New Student Orientation and Arrival

Orientation for new international students begins on August 20, 2018 (prior to the start of classes on August 27). Attendance is mandatory. Details will be available on our new student orientation and arrival page.

Connect to Marquette

Social Media
Follow Marquette on social media. Connect with international students on the Marquette Global Facebook page and follow the Marquette Global Twitter feed.

International Student Ambassadors
Connect with current international students from all over the world through email. Our student ambassadors are available to answer your questions about life at Marquette.