Twenty-five years ago, on November 16, 1989, six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter were brutally murdered by the Salvadoran military at the University of Central America in San Salvador, El Salvador. They were targeted for their work towards finding a peaceful solution to a violent civil war. These individuals include:

  • Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J., 59, university rector and internationally known philosopher
  • Ignacio Martín-Baro, S.J., 44, an innovative social psychologist and head of the Psychology Department
  • Segundo Montes, S.J., 56, head of the Sociology Department and UCA’s human rights institute
  • Juan Ramón Moreno, S.J., 56, Theology Professor
  • Joaquín López y López, S.J., 71, founder of the Fe y Alegría network of schools for the poor
  • Amando López, S.J., 53, Theology Professor
  • Elba Ramos, housekeeper
  • Celina Ramos, 16, daughter of the housekeeper

Their struggle for justice has deeply impacted the mission of Jesuit universities throughout the world. Their sacrifice demands that institutes of higher education continue the work of addressing issues of social justice locally and globally. Learn more:

Marquette University joins countless Jesuit institutions around the world in hosting a wide variety of events commemorating and remembering these Jesuit martyrs. These events will be kicked off by a symposium and followed by a wide variety of events and opportunities for reflection. Please see calendar below.

In addition, a delegation of Marquette students, faculty and staff will be traveling to El Salvador to take part in a commemoration at the University of Central America Nov. 12-17. The pilgrimage is fully funded by the Merkel Family Foundation.

El Salvador Symposium

Click here to view an archived recording of the symposium, "El Salvador: The Legacy of Conflict through an Interdisciplinary Lens."


Creighton University's video "Faith That Does Justice":


Portraits of the UCA Martyrs

Mary Pimmel was a student at Rockhurst University when she participated in a spring break service trip to El Salvador. Her experience quickly became the inspiration behind a unique art project that brought together social justice and art to educate the public about the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador.

Pimmel’s exhibit features eight paintings as seen above. She explained to The Catholic Key, "I wanted to try and get the real essence of the Jesuits and get across who they really were to the people who would be encountering them for the first, and maybe, only time." She saw the paintings as biographical sketches and chose a different color for each painting – a color “that fit their personality."

These images are displayed on the Rockhurst University campus and continue to honor the memory of the Jesuit martyrs and the sacrifice they made.

Pimmel's exhibit will be displayed in the Narthex of the Chapel of the Holy Family in the Alumni Memorial Union. Pimmel will also be presenting on her work on Nov. 10 at 4 p.m. in the Narthex.

Read more on The Catholic Key.



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