Marquette Journalism Students Go Global




Marquette Journalism students are getting hands-on experience this semester in two unique international reporting projects, collaborating with college students across the globe. Students in instructor Sandra Whitehead’s “Digital Media Bootcamp” course are working with other college journalism students from around the world this semester to produce news stories for the two projects – PopUp Newsroom and the Global E-News Immersion Initiative.

"These projects help students develop their reporting and writing skills in the context of writing for international audiences,” said Whitehead. “They gain an understanding of the complexities of covering a foreign culture and develop the sensitivity required to interview people of different cultural, ethnic and religious traditions."


The PopUp News Project engaged journalism students from nine universities in seven countries in a global social media reporting project to cover the 2016 United States’ presidential elections. The MU students and their counterparts produced multimedia news stories about the U.S. elections from their local perspectives. The stories were posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the common hashtag #popupelections. Each university took turns curating the articles to post on the project’s website.


Partner universities include the Asian College of Journalism in India, California State University – Northridge in the United States, Coventry University and Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, Media University Stuttgart in Germany, Rafik Hariri University in Lebanon, Swinburne University in Australia and Utrecht School of Journalism in the Netherlands.


Three MU journalism students, Trias McHenry, Yihan Xia and Sydney Wagner, are also participating in the Global E-News Immersion Initiative. GENII is a semester-long remote exchange reporting project in which a student in one country partners with a student in another to produce multimedia international stories. So the MU students are reporting on the lifestyle and culture of college students in England and India, while their counterparts are reporting on life and culture at Marquette.


The GENII project brings together 130 students from six universities to collaborate internationally on reporting, using technology and social media to put together multimedia pieces about lifestyle and culture. The six universities are the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, India; Coventry University in the U.K.; California State University – Fresno and Marquette University in the United States; Rafik Hariri University in Lebanon; and the University of Stuttgart in Germany.


More information about the GENII Project is available in a recent podcast and here.


In Spring 2017, a new special topics seminar in international reporting (JOUR 4953) will provide more in-depth opportunities for students to learn how to report internationally. Students will participate in a PopUp Newroom project on International Women’s Day, the GENII project, and an international broadcast project called Global News Relay. See the promo about the 2016 global news relay here.