Pursuant to the University Policies and Procedures: UPP 1-18: Policy on Marquette University Sponsored International Travel, faculty and staff traveling internationally with students must adhere to the following guidelines.

Short-term International Program Development

The Office of International Education is a comprehensive university-wide unit created to facilitate and promote the internationalization of Marquette University. OIE supports international programs involving students throughout the process of development, planning, pre-departure orientation, implementation, evaluation and re-entry services.

Students, faculty, staff or student organizations interested in coordinating, leading or participating in an international study, service or international travel program must submit a detailed proposal for review prior to planned departure following the timetable below. Refer to the relevant sections below for specific instructions.

International program proposal deadlines:

1) Credit-bearing programs

All new international, faculty-led credit-bearing programs must complete the Faculty-led International Program Proposal Template.

2) Non-credit student organization volunteer and service programs

All new volunteer/service projects or existing projects expanding to new locations must follow the process and guidelines delineated in the International Travel section of the Student Organization Handbook issued by the Office of Student Development.

3) Non-credit Campus Ministry volunteer and service programs

All new volunteer/service program proposals originating from University Ministry must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Mission and Ministry.

4) Other international student travel under the auspices of Marquette University

All other new international student travel programs that do not fall under categories 1-3 must comply with the Office of International Education new program guidelines and complete the Faculty-led International Program Proposal Template.

5) Established programs

The programs on the OIE Established Programs List do not need to submit a new proposal. However, established programs must submit the Established International Program Continuation Form to OIE by the deadlines listed above to indicate faculty or staff intent to lead the program again in the upcoming year. The program must continue to follow each of the requirements outlined in the “Post-approval Requirements for ALL International Programs with Students” in UPP 1-18. All established programs once approved are subject to ongoing review and potential cancellation at the University’s discretion and when current governmental and non-governmental recommendations or advisories warrant.

Established programs traveling to new locations must follow the appropriate guidelines delineated in UPP 1-18 for new credit or non-credit programs.

All international programs with students must complete the post-approval requirements as delineated in UPP 1-18. These requirements cover: