International Undergraduate Scholarships

Père Marquette Awards

All applicants to Marquette are considered for the Père Marquette award program at the time of admission. In determining an Père Marquette award, the committee reviews a student's academic work, rigor of curriculum, community service, leadership, and other factors.

This scholarship is renewable each semester of a recipient's four-year undergraduate program provided the recipient remains in good academic standing with his or her respective college.

Amount: Typically range between $6,000 to $16,000
Application: No separate application necessary
Deadline: Not applicable
Notice: Admissions Letter
May add to other scholarships: Yes

Transfer Student Scholarships

For students from two-year, post-secondary institutions within the United States or from approved institutions outside of the United States who have completed 24 credits with a 3.2 GPA.

Amount: $2,000
Application: Yes. See transfer scholarship website
Deadline: March 15 for fall; Oct. 15 for spring
Notice: Award Letter
May add to other scholarships: Yes

International Jesuit High School Scholarships

For students who will graduate or have graduated from an international Jesuit high school (senior secondary school) and will enroll at Marquette directly after completion of high school. These awards are competitive. No more than one new candidate per year from any one school may receive this award.

First consideration is given to candidates who complete their application procedures by November 1 for spring term enrollment and by March 15 for fall term enrollment. A separate application is not required, however the applicant should submit a letter of recommendation written by a teacher or advisor at the Jesuit high school with their application.

Amount: Half annual tuition
Application: No, but requires letter of recommendation from the Jesuit high school advisor or teacher
Deadline: No, but preference is given to applications completed by Nov. 1 for spring and March 15 for fall.
Notice: Award Letter
May add to other scholarships: No

Pere Marquette Explorer Scholarship

Established in the spirit of exploration and discovery demonstrated by our university's namesake, this scholarship is awarded annually to 12 new freshmen students whose pursuit of exploration and self-discovery has led them to consider Marquette from areas outside the Midwest.

Amount: $5,000
Application: Yes. See Pere Marquette Explorer application
Deadline: Feb. 15; Must be admitted by Feb. 1
Notice: Award Letter
May add to other scholarships: Yes

Kimberly-Clark Scholar Awards

This award is available to freshmen and transfer applicants with excellent academic records from the countries where Kimberly-Clark Corp. maintains a presence.

Amount: $3,000 to $10,000
Application: No.
Deadline: No, but preference is given to applicants admitted by March 15 for fall or Nov. 1 for spring
Notice: Award Letter
May add to other scholarships: Yes

Competitive Scholarships

Each of Marquette's seven colleges sponsors a scholarship competition on the Marquette campus in February. Winners are selected solely on the test results from the day of the competition and are required to enroll in the college sponsoring the examination.

Amount: $500 to $5,000
Application: Yes. See scholarship competition website
Deadline: Varies
Notice: Award Letter
May add to other scholarships: Yes