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Q: What is Digital Measures?

A: Digital Measures is a Milwaukee-based company that has developed and supports the Activity Insight product (see below) that Marquette University uses to collect information about faculty accomplishments and professional activities.
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Q: What is Activity Insight?

A: Activity Insight is the software for the Faculty Activities Database (FAD) developed by Digital Measures which allows faculty to track their accomplishments and professional activities and generate reports.
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Q: Why use a web-based activity reporting systems?
A: Faculty and administrators must prepare annual activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, lists of awards/honors, accreditation reports, and more. A web-based activity reporting system like the FAD makes these tasks easier: faculty only need to enter the information into FAD once, and the information can be used to generate rel-time reports accurately and efficiently. The system is available to faculty any time and is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.
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Q: Who should use the Faculty Activities Database?
A: Any faculty person who needs to submit an annual activities report should have an account in the system.
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Q: Do I need to sign up for an account?
A: If you have been employed at Marquette prior to Summer 2011 and you are a full-time faculty person, you should already have an account. New faculty will be added to the system periodically by the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis. If you are unsure about whether or not you should have an account, please contact
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Q: How do I login?
A: Log in at using your email address (firstname.lastname) and Checkmarq/emarq password. Contact with any login problems or questions.
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Q: What Web browsers will let me access the system?
A: The system is cross-compatible with most browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. You can also access the system using Google Chrome, although currently you will not have access to the Rapid Reports or PasteBoard functionality using this browser.
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Q: When can I update my information?
A: You can update your information at any time, from any computer with an Internet connection.
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Q: Do I have to enter the information myself?
A: If you started working at Marquette prior to fall 2011, much of the information contained in your CV has already been entered into the FAD system by data entry personnel in the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis. In addition, some of your information will be imported annually from other systems (please click here for more information). However, you will be responsible for entering other information, such as intellectual contributions (publications), grants, and service going forward.
Departments may opt to have a student worker or departmental assistant enter certain faculty activity information as well. Once you enter information about a given activity into the system, that information never again needs to be re-entered.
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Q: How often do I have to use the FAD?
A: There is no requirement regarding how often you should use the system; however, you will need to record all new activities prior to the due date of the annual faculty activities report for your college.
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Q: The Faculty Activities Database asks for a lot of information that either does not apply to me or that I would not normally submit. Am I required to fill it all out anyway?
A: No. However, please be sure that the sections that you would not normally submit are not included in the Faculty Activity Report that your Chair or Dean will generate from the system.
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Q: What if my activity doesn't fit into any existing category?
A: Refer to Common Activities and Entry Locations. If you still cannot find a location for your activity, please contact
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Q: Will any data be pre-populated for me?
A: Yes, information in the following screens will be populated periodically by the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (please note that not all of the fields within these categories appear in every college interface): Scheduled Teaching, Permanent Data, Yearly Data, and Academic Advising.
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Q: How was the format of the interface developed?
A: The format of the interface was developed through an intensive collaboration with a representative from your college using existing annual activity reports as guides. The interface for each college has been tailored to meet the reporting needs of that college.
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Q: I've entered information. How do I submit it?
A: All you need to do is enter and save your information within the system. Please refer to this tutorial for more information.
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Q: What reports are generated from the FAD?
A: Currently, all annual activities reports are generate from this system. The FAD can also generate university-level reports (e.g. Compendium). Please click here for more information on university-level reports. We expect that individual colleges and departments will determine new methods to use the database as they become aware of the system's reporting capabilities.
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Q: How do I create a report?
A: Please refer to this tutorial for detailed instructions on running a report.
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Q: Who has access to the information I enter into the FAD?
A: Currently, you, your department chair, and the dean of your college (as well as any of the dean's designees) have access to your data. The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis oversees the system's administration on campus and thus also has access to your data.
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Q: How secure is Digital Measures' system?
A: With over 2,000 colleges and schools using Digital Measures' activity reporting software, Digital Measures is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all of your information. For a full list of security measures, please visit the Security and Privacy page on the Digital Measures site.
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Q: Who do I contact with questions about the Faculty Activities Database?
A: Please direct any college-specific inquiries to the FAD representative from your college/school. Click here for a list of FAD representatives. You may also contact a representative of the FAD Advisory Committee. For all other questions, please contact
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