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** The profiles are currently under revision; thus, access to the documents is restricted. Please contact with any questions. **

Marquette’s Office of Institutional Research & Analysis (OIRA) produces the profiles annually each fall semester. These profiles represent a five-year snapshot of each Marquette college and department and contain a cross section of varied institutional data and information. As such, a primary purpose of these profiles is to provide college and department decision-makers with a high-level summary of the recent activities and trends within a department.

The profiles are organized into colleges and departments. Currently, some colleges can not be disaggregated into departments (like the College of Communication and Education). College-level data is the aggregation of data within each department plus data which sits at the college level; thus, the sum of department level data may be less than the college totals.

Documentation for each data element within the profiles is available online. In addition, the mapping of each major and program to a department/college is also available online.

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College of Arts and Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences - Annual Report Data
Biological Sciences
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Math, Statistics, and Computer Science
Political Science
Social and Cultural Sciences
College of Business Administration
College of Business Administration - Annual Report Data
College of Communication
College of Communication - Annual Report Data
College of Education
College of Education - Annual Report Data
College of Engineering
College of Engineering - Annual Report Data
Biomedical Engineering
Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
College of Health Sciences
College of Health Sciences - Annual Report Data
Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Exercise Sciences
Physician Assistant Studies
Physical Therapy
Speech Pathology and Audiology
College of Nursing
College of Nursing - Annual Report Data
College of Professional Studies
College of Professional Studies - Annual Report Data
School of Dentistry
School of Dentistry - Annual Report Data
Law School
Law School - Annual Report Data


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