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Primary photography

The primary photography for the brand platform features students, faculty, staff and alumni in interesting environments that bring to life the difference of a Marquette education. Emphasis is placed on forming a direct connection between the viewer and subject. The photo should feature the subject in focus with a limited depth of field, leaving the background soft and less defined.

Subject selection

A critical aspect of the university's brand platform is its authenticity, achieved in part through the use of real people to tell the Marquette story.

Care should be taken to select students, faculty, alumni, coaches and others who:

Audience-specific photography


Undergraduate images emphasize warm tones to project youthfulness and complement Marquette gold, a primary color of undergraduate promotions. Photography subjects should be centrally focused, and elements of fun, self-awareness, growth, playfulness and an active campus life should be clear.

Support imagery is lifestyle-focused and should be vibrant, active and emotive.

Graduate/adult student

Graduate/adult images emphasize cool tones to reflect a professional environment and complement Marquette blue, a primary color of graduate and adult student promotions. A central focus on the subject matter should be considered, and elements of professional confidence should be clear.

Graduate student photography focuses on life experiences in professional settings, with a more professional style. The imagery reflects a specific discipline or field of study.

Support imagery helps tell the story and should be discipline-specific, vibrant, active and emotive.


Alumni photography should reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our alumni. Images can range from stylized portraits in professional settings to vibrant, active and emotive images.

Support photography

The imagery chosen to support the brand platform should be vibrant, active and emotive. Images should capture the energy of real-life experiences relating to the primary photography or the essence of the content being promoted. Emphasis is placed on reality-based interactive experiences that convey a sense of immediacy and evoke a playful, amateur tone that is engaging and authentic.


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