Students at Marquette University

Colleges and universities around the country offer students and alumni access to wonderful educational programs and opportunities, but not one of them can provide the Marquette experience. That privilege is ours alone, and so is the responsibility of reinforcing the positive perceptions and feelings audiences associate with Marquette in all of our communication.

By consistently capturing Marquette’s brand in our publication, interactive and Web communication platforms, we maximize every opportunity to share our Catholic, Jesuit educational mission and the living/learning experience that is enjoyed by Marquette students and treasured by Marquette alumni.

Brand platform elements

Creative platform

Marquette’s creative platform is defined by clean design, impressive photography, compelling headlines and copy, a generous use of white space, and consistent use of the Marquette logo.

Design elements include a blue gradient background, a gold vertical bar, headlines set in all caps, Univers Light font with ample letter tracking and slight shadow, and a simple use of borders to define the space.

The creative direction depends on the purpose of the communication, audience and medium/media used.

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