Fall at Marquette

The beginning

Departments or offices at Marquette can request a Web project online. Once OMC receives the form, a member of the Interactive Marketing Team will contact you. The initial conversation will include information gathering:

Next, you will be contacted to set up a meeting to discuss if the site is being redesigned or if it will follow a university Web template and if the work will be produced by the unit/department, OMC or an outside Web design and development vendor. Please note that all Web projects using vendors must have appropriate contacts in place before work begins. Some projects may also be subject to review by IT Services.

You will also get the opportunity to choose a cover design for your site from approved templates and indicate the site's main points of navigation.

The middle

There are two different routes departments/offices can take when requesting a Web project:

OMC can set up templates for you to use to populate content, meaning you can begin working on the project right away.

The second route is to have OMC migrate the site content for the department/office. This requires that the project be scheduled within OMC’s production queue. The advantage of this is that OMC can provide professional resources to develop the site on your behalf. The drawback to this process is determining when production can begin.

The end

After OMC or your department has finished building the site, members of OMC and IT Services will review it and make revision suggestions.

Depending on the size and scope of the site, plan for one to three weeks for review.

Once your final edits are in place and the office/department has approved them, IT Services can help put your site live on the Marquette Web server.


Contribute training

OMC and IT Services offers Adobe Contribute training through the GROW With Marquette program, and OMC team members can conduct one-on-one training. In addition, OMC has several Contribute resources.


Contact the Office of Marketing and Communication