Marquette University Endowed College
Marquette University Endowed College

Unique logos exist for the two endowed colleges at Marquette: the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences and J. William and Mary Diederich College of Communication. These logos prominently feature the college’s name and should be included on all college and college departmental marketing and communication materials.


Endowed college logos comprise the last name of the individual or family who endowed the college in all uppercase letters in a modified Adobe ITC Berkeley Oldstyle typeface. The college designation is set in upper- and lowercase letters; the words Marquette University are set in all uppercase letters in modified Adobe ITC Berkeley Oldstyle typeface; and there is a graphic representation of the Marquette Hall tower. By linking the college and university name to one of the institution's oldest and most recognizable landmarks, the logo is a unique and distinctive visual representation of the university.

There is a vertical and a horizontal version of the endowed college logos. Either is acceptable to use, depending on design and space considerations.

Guidelines for usage

Using the endowed college logos in a consistent manner is vital to communicating Marquette's strong identity.

The endowed college logos should be used prominently on promotional materials, including publications, advertising, stationery and electronic media. The university’s Be The Difference logo should be used as a secondary symbol on back covers or similar secondary use.

Spacing guidelines

Follow the same spacing guidelines for the Marquette logo.

Size regulations

Like many graphic elements, the endowed college logos lose their integrity at very small sizes. To ensure legibility, the words Marquette University should never appear smaller than six picas (1 inch) in length.

Color applications

Marquette's official colors are blue (Pantone 281) and gold (Pantone 123).

Marquette Blue Marquette Blue
Pantone 281
C100, M72, Y0, K32
Hex 003366

Marquette Gold Marquette Gold
Pantone 123
C0, M24, Y100, K0
Hex FFCC00


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