Students on campus

Occasionally, departments or offices may request the use of vendors to help the Web development process. If you are using a vendor, please contact OMC for resources and access. In addition, please view our best practices for vendors.

Access to our servers

To be granted access to our Web servers, you will need permission from IT Services. Please have the department or office you are working with request access.

Applying Marquette’s brand

Marquette strives to ensure consistency across all our websites. To achieve this, we created a resource guide for vendors. If you have any brand, template or design questions or concerns, please contact OMC.

File structure

Studies have shown that a flat site structure enables Web spiders to better crawl through a website. Our sites are structured that way. To keep file categories together, we use specific naming conventions. For example, if a file is considered part of an “About” section, we name it “about-name.shtml”. Read more about file structure PDF.

File names

Please name your files using simple text, lowercase letters and no spaces (use hyphen to separate words “-”). Make sure your file names end in “.shtml”. This is a special extension that instructs Web browsers to dynamically insert the navigation bar and other shared page elements specified in the template. If you don’t execute this step correctly (e.g., mypage.html or mypage.htm) you’ll only see the white area of the template when it’s published.


Contact the Office of Marketing and Communication