Dana Berens, College of Education ’13, Wellesley, MA

Parents - My Home

This picture was taken on Parents weekend. I was so glad my parents came up because two of the categories for this project, My Home and My People, I thought I would be unable to photograph properly. Of course my friends at school fit into the My People category, and I could stretch the My Home category to fit to my new home of Marquette and Milwaukee, but the project, for me, would not have been complete without some representation of my family. I love this picture because it captures my parents perfectly. They are sitting outside with their coffee’s and just relaxing.

Serenity’s Chair - My Community

This was a really calming and comfortable place to sit and do homework when the weather was nice. Joan of Arch Chapel is a beautifully designed garden and chapel area. Its simple beauty can only be described as a serene and tranquil environment. When talking about this location in our discussions, many people compared pictures of Joan of Arc to ideas of Eden. 

City Motion - My Community

One of my favorite things about cities is the constant motion, sounds, and activity. I love this picture because it captures the motion of the city. It was originally supposed to be a picture of just the building, but the bus drove by adding the element of motion to my photo.

Window Shopping - My Community

This picture was taken at a boutique in the Third Ward. As a college girl I love to shop, but sometimes you can only window-shop with your limited college budget. Yet even on a college budget it is still fun to go walk around the Third Ward. There are tons of stores and café’s to look at, as well as the riverwalk, which is always fun to walk down. The Third Ward is a really cool, fun, and young part of Milwaukee, and a nice place to have within walking distance.

Snow Prints - My Community

This picture was my first picture of snow at Marquette. I’d heard so many horror stories about Milwaukee winters, and I experience the mildest winter ever my freshman year. With this photo I played around with textures as well as foreground and background. The textures are icy and hard, as the top of the snow has iced over. The foreground is the footprints closest to the lens, which creates an elongated foreground and smaller background of the dark areas of the photo. The chapel, buildings, and trees are all dark making for a smaller appearing background and great contrast to the snow of the foreground of the photo.

Taylor - My People

This picture is actually part of a series that I took of some of my Marquette friends. I played around a lot with lighting, contrast, and emotion in these photos. This is one of my favorites because of how natural the photo is. I also love how the lighting accents all the motions of laughter on her face such as her wrinkled up nose, smile lines, and eyelashes.

Grandparent Glow - My Faith

On every vacation my mom, sister, and I go into a church and light a candle for my grandparents. Candles make me think of my faith because I got my faith from my grandparents and parents. When I came to Marquette, my parents and I went into Jesu and lit a candle for them. This is a big part of my faith and my family, because the candles represent my constant prayers for my grandparents, as well as the tradition of lighting a candle for them.


Late Night

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