Katherine Rouch, College of Communication ’13, Columbus, OH

Moving Forward - My People

My co-anchor/good friend Thomas G. LeNoir and I have fun during our first Marquette University Television (MUTV) broadcast. This picture perfectly captures the relationship between myself and my good friend Thomas. We met early on in the year and have been hanging out since then. We are constantly laughing and making jokes. Thomas is one of the people that I can always count on. This picture also captures one of the big organizations that I am involved in on campus-Marquette University Television (MUTV). As a Broadcasting and Electronic Communications major, I came to Marquette with literally no journalism experience. MUTV has put me on my way to figuring out what I want to do in the future.

Starting Out - My People

(From left to right)-Carlie Campbell, Abigail Searfoss, Me (Katie Rouch), Amanda Scott. My roommates and I striking a pose before the infamous square dance during orientation. The square dance was definitely one of the first major bonding experiences that my roommates and I had. Being thrust into a situation living with three girls after only being used to brothers my whole life was overwhelming to say the least. It was so much fun to be able to go out and share in something together.

Following My Path - My Community

This was the view that I saw everyday and night as I walked back to Straz Tower where I live. Coming from a small suburb in Ohio, being around a city was something that I absolutely loved, but had to get used to.  This picture means something to me because  every night that I would walk back to Straz, I could not help but enjoy the view of downtown, especially with the lights, and found a new sense of appreciation for the great place that I now was. To me, the city is also a symbol of what the future holds for me and the different places that I can go if I work hard enough at Marquette.

Holding On - My Home

(From left to right)-Lily Picon, Me (Katie Rouch), Kassidy Miller. My two best friends from home and I show off my Christmas presents to them-brand new Marquette t-shirts!  This picture touches upon another important aspect of my first semester at Marquette-the interesting and sometimes difficult thing about college is trying to balance out growing into a better person and developing new relationships, while maintaining relationships with those you love from back home. Luckily, I realized pretty quickly that one thing didn’t have to come at the detriment of the other. I talk to my friends from home every  week and I feel as though we are all going through this experience together. Similarly, I have grown closer to both my parents and my three brothers from being away-we now appreciate the time we have together and  realize how much we support one another.  An interesting added element to this picture is that Marquette is now represented on both coasts-my friend Lily goes to Cornell in New York and my friend Kassidy goes to UC- Santa Barbara in California.


Late Night

Late Night Marquette

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