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Year End Retreat with Anna Brown

April 26, 2009

Dr. Anna Brown, Professor of Political Science, Director of the St. Peter's College King-Kairos Peace Center, and zen practitioner facilitated a retreat for the center's final event of the 2008-09 academic year.

Retreat with Anna Brown

















Over 20 people attended the retreat including faculty and students from Marquette, students from Loyola University Chicago, and members of the Milwaukee community.


Forgiveness Interventions in Urban High Schools

April 22, 2009

Dr. Sharon ChubbuckDr. Sharon Chubbuck, 2008 Rynne Fellow, presented her research on the role of forgiveness interventions decreasing conflict and improving academic performance in urban high schools.

Peacemakers the al-Risala Way: Wahiduddin Khan's Theology for Nonviolent Activism

March 18, 2009

Dr. Irfan OmarDr. Irfan Omar, 2008 Rynne Fellow and Professor of Theology at Marquette University, presented his research on nonviolent traditions in Islam, specifically in the writings of Wahiduddin Khan.

What people were saying:

"Brilliant discussion and debunking stereotypes of Islam as a violent religion. Very enlightening."

"This is a good example of a scholarly discussion which needs to happen more on this campus."

"I liked how the stories about Muhammad, Jesus, and nonviolence tied in with the lecture."

"His explanation about "holy war" not even being a word in Arabic was interesting and insightful."

"Dr. Omar is a great storyteller and has great jokes too."

Negotiating Peace in Israel-Palestine

February 11, 2009

Gregory Khalil, former legal adviser with the Palestinian Authority, shared a Palestinian perspective of the conflict in Israel-Palestine as well as personal stories of his time in Israel-Palestine and practical advice on engaging in the struggle for peace.

Funding for this presentation was provided by the Frankel Family Foundation.

Greg Khalil
What people were saying:

"Very informative and eye-opening. It piqued my curiosity to learn more."

"I have heard much of this before but I was really captured by the fairness of this presentation."

"The very clear way in which he laid out the issues and his insightful appreciation of the key problems."

"I enjoyed every second of it!"

"Khalil is excellent!"

"His ability to present complex issues with analogies that the audience could relate to."

"His personal stories and his ability to discuss some important issues as an objective 3rd party observer."

Patricia Isasa at Marquette

October 1-6, 2008

Patricia Isasa, torture survivor and resister from Argentina, visited the Milwaukee area to discuss the brutalities she suffered as a political prisoner and to spread her message to end torture.

The documentary about her imprisonment, "El Cerco" was viewed at her presentation.

Funding for this presentation was provided by the Center for Peacemaking, the Manresa Project, Marquette University Campus Ministry, Peace Action Wisconsin, and SoA Watch, Milwaukee.

Patricia IsasaWhat people were saying:

"Her personal testimony was very powerful."

"Her warm, energetic presence."

"Her passion and commitment to her teachings."

"Her passionate and truthful explanations."

"Her movie was great!"

"The hope that comes from knowing that courageous people like Patricia are working on these issues."

Tools for Nonviolent Social Change

September 7, 2008

Ken Butigan and Lisa Haufschild of Pace e Bene Nonviolent Services conducted the center's beginning of the year retreat. The retreat included reflection, interactive activities, role play, and group discussion. Participants learned about the foundations of nonviolence and how to structure and organize a nonviolent campaign or demonstration.

Ken Butigan and Lisa HaufschildWhat people were saying:

"How the information was shared in a fun, powerful way."

"Their enthusiasm and passion."

"Inspiring and hopeful."

"The interaction, discussion, and different activities."

"Their personal stories were powerful."