Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Marquette University Center for Peacemaking empowers the university and wider community to explore together the necessary skills to become informed, spiritually-centered, nonviolent peacemakers. Rooted in the Ignatian charism, the center fosters an awakening to the holistic relationship of scholarship, spirituality, nonviolent living, and the active struggle for peace and justice.



The center commits to exploring and extending the vast research on nonviolent theory and practice. Our engagement of both scholars and grass roots activists will bring forth unique insights into nonviolent praxis.

The center provides the following:

  • Scholarship Grants
  • Educational Forums and Workshops
  • Peacemaker in Residence Program
  • Curriculum
  • Nonviolent Conflict Resolution in Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Center for Peacemaking News Journal
  • Sponsorship of Cultural Events Integrating Peacemaking and Fine Arts



In keeping with Marquette University's understanding that faith is the foundation for one's life journey, the center promotes a faith-based approach to peace and justice work. Reflection and prayer are essential to the lives of activists.

The center provides the following:

  • Prayer and Discussion Groups for People of All Faiths
  • Prayer and Meditation Space
  • Retreats
  • Spiritual Reflection Sessions
  • Eucharist, and Other Religious Services
  • Faith-based Pledge of Nonviolence



Ignatian spirituality seeks the unique presence of God in each person and in all things. Nonviolent leadership means that we call forth, and rely on, the gifts of the community and of the Earth.

To learn these skills, the center provides the following:

  • Faculty Research Projects
  • Internships for Undergraduate Students
  • Milwaukee Community Peacemaker Program
  • Training for Community Violence Reduction Facilitators
  • Internships and Volunteer Opportunities at the Center
  • Preparation of Students for International Peace Advocacy



In the long Jesuit tradition of training "men and women for others," Marquette students embody their faith and learning through service work.

Following in that same legacy, the center provides the following:

  • Listening Sessions for Returning Veterans
  • Nonviolence Training
  • Student Service Workers
  • Milwaukee Public School Outreach