Government and Government Related

The Nuclear Resister: Nonviolent Resistance for a Peaceful and Nuclear Free Future ( - while President Obama talks about a world free of nuclear weapons, the US government is rapidly modernizing and even constructing new nuclear weapons production facilities. Learn about the programs, and the peace movement's efforts to resist them.


Modern war is controlled from space. The hub of US plans for domination of space is Vandenberg Air Force Base. Polar satellites are lunched from VAFB, "Star Wars" missile defense is partially based there, and it is the only site in the US where Minuteman II three-warhead nuclear missiles) are test-fired - at the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. Find out what's going on, and how the peace movement is resisting:


True Majority ( - peace acting through Congress; compounds the power of all those who believe in social justice, giving children a decent start in life, protecting the environment, and America working in cooperation with the world community.


United States Institute of Peace ( – not nonviolent; provides the analysis, training, and tools that prevent and end conflicts, promote stability and professionalizes the field of peace building.