International Programs

There are many study abroad and international travel opportunities for students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of and experience in international peacemaking.

The Center for Peacemaking offers the following international programs:

The following study abroad opportunities are offered through Marquette and provide an emphasis in peacemaking and social justice:

CRS Ethiopia Partnership Program


The Center for Peacemaking in partnership with the Southeastern Wisconsin Initiative for CRS sponsors an international program to engage Marquette faculty and students in the work of CRS in Ethiopia.

For this program, one faculty member, one Center for Peacemaking staff member, and up to three students will travel with a delegation of other Milwaukee educators and philanthropists to one of CRS's international peacebuilding sites.

The faculty member on the trip will be responsible for contributing their expertise to a CRS project and conduct research on the effectiveness of the project. The students involved will learn about international peace building through examining the CRS development projects.

Students interested in participating in this program should participate regularly in study sessions on CRS and Ethiopia as part of the application process for the program.

Student Peacemaking Fellowships

There are many opportunities to travel internationally as part of a student peacemaking fellowship through the Center for Peacemaking. Opportunities include interning with an international NGO, partnering with a faculty member on a research project, or participating in an international peacebuilding delegation.

Past student fellows have completed projects in Albania, El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and South Africa. All students pursuing an international fellowships must receive approval from Marquette's Office of International Education.

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South Africa Service Learning Program

Capetown, South Africa

The South Africa Service Learning Program, in conjunction with the University of the Western Cape, builds upon Marquette’s strong tradition of service learning. The program offers you the unique opportunity to increase their understanding of the people, history, culture and traditions of South Africa through integrated academic course work and direct immersion into the culture through community-based service. Service learning sites provide opportunities to engage in community education, empowerment, mediation, training, research and more. Past students have worked with local nonprofits that address issues as diverse as HIV/AIDS and other health concerns, family violence, gender inequities, sustainable living, and the education and development of youth.

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Casa de la Solidaridad

El Salvador

Casa de la Solidaridad is a Jesuit study abroad and service learning program administered by Santa Clara University. Program participants attend classes at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) campus in El Salvador’s capital city, San Salvador, with other program participants. At UCA, distinguished faculty teach students in areas such as liberation theology, social analysis of their praxis communities, Spanish language studies, Salvadoran history, political science and sociology. The Casa program is a unique community-based learning program, which challenges students to integrate the reality of a developing country with rigorous academic study. As part of the program, students are placed in service learning sites within marginalized communities, spending two days a week accompanying the poor through their everyday lives. The mission of the Casa de Solidaridad is justice and solidarity through direct immersion with the poor of El Salvador.

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Casa Bayanihan


Casa Bayanihan offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the reality of the Philippines. The program is rooted in four components, or pillars: accompaniment, academics, community and spirituality. Beginning with sustained accompaniment of the poor, the Casa Bayanihan integrates a praxis/service experience into rigorous academic reflection, and then supports this reflection through a carefully structured web of spiritual and communal support. This then facilitates the transformation needed to develop a “well-educated solidarity.” From the booming metropolis of the capital city, Manila, where Casa Bayanihan is located, to the rural fishing villages of the coast, amazing mountains, and crater lakes, the Philippines is a land full of life and beauty to be explored.

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Casa Argentina


Casa Argentina engages the Ignatian ideal of "well-educated solidarity" on all levels from the types of courses offered to the ways in which students are housed and engage with one another and with host country citizens. In the Casa Argentina program, you will spend a semester immersing yourself in the complex social, political, historical reality of Argentina, learning to accompany those living on the margins, and challenging yourself to grow and develop as a person for others. Casa Argentina collaborates with the Universidad Católica de Córdoba, which is the oldest private university in Argentina

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Peace Studies Capstone Program


This program is offered in conjunction with the Marquette class INPS 4997, Peace Studies Capstone. The class offers a unique opportunity to experience first-hand what is taught in the classroom. During the class at Marquette, students will focus their studies on the 1960-1996 Civil War in Guatemala, the development of the country, and peacebuilding efforts.

During the week abroad, students will visit many historical and meaningful places including the first Spanish colonial capital in the New World, Mayan sacred site where religious ceremonies have been performed for years, development projects, Chichicastenago—a large indigenous market, a Jesuit University and a peace center addressing post-civil war healing.

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