Milwaukee Community Peacemaker Archive

2009-2011: Julie Enslow

Julie Enslow


Julie Enslow of Peace Action Wisconsin is an accomplished local peace activist and the Center for Peacemaking's 2009 Milwaukee Community Peacemaker. As a founding member of Peace Action Wisconsin and with nearly four decades of involvement in the struggle for peace and justice, Julie is a living example of what it means to be a peacemaker.

Julie gave a formal presentation to Marquette and the wider community about the personal story behind her motivation to commit to a lifetime of peace and nonviolence.

Julie has also expressed her enthusiasm for sharing her wisdom on nonviolence with a new generation of students.


2008-09: George Martin

George (Paz) Martin, internationally recognized peace activist, Green Party leader, and National Steering Committee Member of United for Peace and Justice, served as the Milwaukee Community Peacemaker for the 2008-09 academic year.

George participated in the Nonviolence Study Group and shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences with the Center. The students greatly benefited from George's presence. In expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to work with students through the Center for Peacemaking, George said, "These meetings have have reaffirmed my hope in the struggle for peace. These meetings remind me of when I learned about nonviolence and it is great to see that many young people are ready to become leaders in the movement."

George shared his experiences on recent trips to Brazil (for the World Social Forum) and Japan to a Marquette and Milwaukee audience. Ingrained in the stories from these trips, George explained how the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel-Palestine, militarism, US military bases in foreign countries, civil liberties, human rights, and the threats of the proliferation of nuclear weapons are all interrelated. George ended his presentation with a passionate call to action reminding us that what has been done so far has not been enough and to frame our efforts with a positive tone.

George MartinGeorge MartinGeorge Martin