Religious Affiliations


American Friends Service Committee ( – carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world.


Catholic Peacebuilding Network ( - a voluntary network of practitioners, academics, clergy, and laity from around the world that seeks to enhance the study and practice of Catholic peacebuilding, especially at the local level.


Catholic Worker ( - committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and forsaken. Catholic Workers continue to protest injustice, war, racism, and violence of all forms. Founded in the lives and writings of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.


Every Church A Peace Church ( - focuses on the transformation of war-justifying churches into peace churches, so that the world will be turned toward peace as churches live and teach as Jesus lived and taught.


Faithful America ( - an online community of tens of thousands of citizens motivated by faith to take action on the pressing moral issues of our time.


Friends Committee on National Legislation ( - fields the largest team of registered peace lobbyists in Washington, DC and advocates social and economic justice, peace, and good government.


Ignatian Solidarity ( - facilitates and enhances the effectiveness of existing social justice and advocacy efforts that are currently present in Jesuit affiliated high schools, universities and colleges, parishes, retreat centers, independent organizations and lay individuals across the nation.


John Dear ( - Rev, John Dear S.J. is a Jesuit Priest, peace activist, organizer, lecturer, retreat leader, and author/editor of 20 books on peace and nonviolence; Archbishop Desmond Tutu has nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Network Lobby ( - a Catholic leader in the global movement for justice and peace that educates, organizes and lobbies for economic and social transformation.


The Network of Spiritual Progressives ( - a network focused on the intersection of spiritual and political activism.


Pastors for Peace ( - a special ministry of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, and was created in 1988 to pioneer the delivery of humanitarian aid to Latin America and the Caribbean.


Pax Christi USA ( - strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating, and witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence.


The Shalom Center ( - dedicated to inspiring the Jewish community to greater attention and action on questions of peace and justice for the planet and all who dwell on it, and as part of this effort, to making common cause with peace and justice advocates of all faiths.