The Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals (PFFP) program is designed to support your academic and professional growth, and provide a solid foundation for your post-graduate pursuits. 

Earning a PFFP completion designation on your transcript signifies you have engaged in significant personal and professional development that distinguishes you from others who have earned graduate degrees.  Successfully completing the PFFP program not only distinguishes your transcript from others, it equips you for post-graduate pursuits in unique ways.   

The PFFP Program offers three tracks - faculty, versatile Ph.D., and professional – based on your career aspirations. 


Your participation begins with completing the PFFP Application to signal your interest in the program.  After you submit the application, you will be contacted by the PFFP Coordinator about your participation and you can start completing the Individual Development Plan that provides the foundation of your PFFP participation, along with a Mentor Plan and Connect with PFFP Meetings.

As part of completing your Individual Development Plan, you will identify your initial PFFP track, and the concentrations associated with that track.  The requirements for successfully completing the PFFP program depend on the concentrations associated with the track you select.  Upon completion and submission of the program-wide requirements (an application, individual development plan and reflection, a mentor plan and reflection and Connect with PFFP meetings) and concentration requirements an official notation will be added to a participant's transcript.