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The first three PFFP requirements are linked below. Completing these will get you started in PFFP:

1. PFFP Application

The PFPP lets us know who you are and some information about your academic career at Marquette. It is the first step getting started with PFFP. After you submit the application, you will be contacted by the PFFP Coordinator about your participation and you can start completing the Individual Development Plan.

2. Individual Development Plan

A fundamental mission of Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals is to provide a trajectory for your pursuits after graduate school.  The Independent Development Plan (IDP) is an important tool in this mission and provides the foundation of your PFFP participation.

The IDP is designed to help you identify potential career pathways, assess your strengths and opportunities for development in light of those pathways, generate appropriate goals and identify resources for attaining those goals. You will identify your initial PFFP track and the concentrations associated with that track during this process. Information about track details and concentrations can be found here.

The Individual Development Plan is both a process and a product: by engaging in developing an IDP you will plan and create a plan.  To this end, detailed below you will find the recommended steps for planning as well as a template for constructing a plan.

The basic process for development planning includes:

Ideally, you will revisit and update your plan throughout your graduate career to reflect the ways in which your experiences and growth inform your planning and lead to modifications to your plan.  Recognizing that IDP is an ongoing process and a living document, near the end of your participation in PFFP you will be required to reflect on your initial IDP, describing the milestones in your development, and the ways in which you modified your plan during the program.

3. Mentor Plan

The Mentor Plan is designed to help you find a mentor and take initial steps developing relationship(s) with your mentor(s).  It is comprised of two parts: resources for finding and developing mentoring relationships and an initial mentor identification/development report.



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Sponsored by the Graduate School, the PFFP program provides development opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and alumni. The aim of the program is to help prepare participants for a successful career in higher education and professional positions, with emphasis on developing skills to teach effectively and preparation to navigate the initial stages of an academic job search.

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