Trying on the ICE CUBE cold weather gear


May 2013

5/18-5/19: Spring Commencement

Congratulations, Physics Graduates!

Abigail Searfoss received the 2013 Gold Medal Award from the Klinger College of Arts and Sciences

5/2: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Sudha Swaminathan (Worcester State University) "Physics in Art"

5/1: Department Retirement Celebrations

April 2013

4/27: MU Physics Alumni Celebration (WW Physics 216 12-3PM)

4/26: SPS Awards and Department Banquet

Congratulations to SPS Honor Society Inductees, Oustanding TA, Karioris Memorial and Weinrich Memorial Award winners!

4/24: Women in Physics Lecture (Weasler Auditorium 4 PM)

Dr. Evalyn Gates (CEO of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History) "Einstein's Telescope: The Hunt for Dark Matter and Dark Energy"

4/18: Andrew Kunz received the 2013 Excellence in Faculty Advising Award!

Check out pictures from the ceremony.

Department Colloquium (Clark 123 4 PM)

Dr. Bryce Littlejohn (UW-Madison Physics Department) "Going Beyond the Standard Model with Neutrino Oscillations"

4/11: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Dr. David Kaplan (UW-Milwaukee Physics Department) " Finding Radio Transients with the Murchison Widefield Array"

4/9: Annual Coyne Lecture (Weasler Auditorium 7 PM)

Dr. David Latham (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) "Super Earths and Life"

January 2013

1/25: Holiday Party and Department Talent Show (WW366 4PM)


December 2012

12/16: Mid-year Commencement

Congratuations Ben Calvopina!

November 2012

11/15: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Dan Olson (MU Phys '13) "Explosive Material Characterization and Analysis Techniques"
Kelsey Meinerz (MU Phys '14) "A simplified model for flagella motion"

11/8 - 11/10: SPS Quadrennial Congress, Orlando, FL


October 2012

10/25: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Ferah Munshi (University of Washington) "Star Formation in N-body galaxy simulations"

10/23: Annual Coyne Lecture (Weasler Auditorium 7 PM)

Professor Joe Taylor (Princton University, Nobel Prize 1993) "Binary Pulsars and Relativistic Gravity"

10/11: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Prof. John Borg (Marquette University, Mechanical Engineering) "Kurzzeitdynamik: Physics in the Blink of an Eye"

10/4: Department Colloquium (Clark 111 4 PM)

Prof. Megan Pickett (Lawrence University)

September 2012

9/13: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Abigail Searfoss (MU Phys '13) "Akt regulates mitochondrial import of Cu,ZnSOD and its effects on oxidative stress in pulmunary fibrosis"
Rebecca McAuliffe (MU Phys '13)

9/6: Department Colloquium (WW 216 4 PM)

Prof. Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State University) "Women in Physics in the United States: numbers, challenges, solutions"
Sponsored in part by the APS Womens Speaker Series

9/5: Department Picnic "Welcome back to School!" (Outside WW Phys 4 PM)



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