Darrell Dobbs

Professor of Political Science. Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1983.


Professor Dobbs has received numerous academic awards, including multiple fellowships and grants from the Mellon Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Earhart Foundation, and the Bradley Institute for the Study of Democracy and Public Values. He has served as associate editor of the American Journal of Political Science. His teaching and research focus on the great philosophical and literary works of Western civilization.



PDF files of some of his scholarly publications are available:

Plato's Paragon of Human Excellence: Socratic Philosopher and Civic Guardian," Journal of Politics, (2003), 65: 1062-1082. (Full Text)

Socratic Communism, Journal of Politics (2000), 62: 491-510. (Full Text)

Family Matters: Aristotle's Appreciation of Women and the Plural Structure of Society, American Political Science Review (1996), 90:74-89. (Full Text)

Choosing Justice: Socrates' Model City and the Practice of Dialectic. American Political Science Review (1994), 88:263-277. (Full Text)

Natural Right and the Problem of Aristotle's Defense of Slavery, Journal of Politics (1994), 56:67-94. (Full Text)

The Piety of Thought In Plato's Republic, Book 1. American Political Science Review. (1994), 88:668-683. (Full Text)

Rationalism or Revelation? American Political Science Review (1988), 82:579-587 [coauthor]. (Full Text)

Reckless Rationalism and Heroic Reverence in Homer's Odyssey, American Political Science Review (1987), 81:491-508. (Full Text)

For Lack of Wisdom: Courage and Inquiry in Plato's Laches, Journal of Politics (1986), 48:825-849 [lead article]. (Full Text)

The Justice of Socrates' Philosopher Kings, American Journal of Political Science (1985), 29:809-826. (Full Text)

Aristotle's Anticommunism, American Journal of Political Science (1985), 29:29-46. (Full Text)


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