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Provost Search at Marquette University


(last updated May 29, 2013)
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Note: schedule may change as dictated by the process
May 2013 Contract signed between Marquette and Isaacson, Miller (executive search firm). Julie Filizetti and Lindsay Gold will be search consultants
May 22 Dr. John Su agrees to serve as chair of the search committee
June 3   Members of search committee confirmed
June 3-4 Invitations sent to members of campus community for listening sessions
June 24 First meeting of search committee with Father Pilarz and Isaacson, Miller
June 24-25 Listening sessions with members of campus community facilitated by John Su and Isaacson, Miller
Start June  Biweekly telephone calls with John Su, Steve Frieder, Julie Filizetti and Lindsay Gold
Late June  Members of search committee write short document imagining the next provost. Those documents and feedback from listening sessions used by Isaacson, Miller to develop draft of Opportunity and Challenge Profile (position description)
July Isaacson, Miller drafts Opportunity and Challenge Profile. John Su and Steve Frieder help edit and refine. Share with search committee and the University Academic Senate for additional feedback
July 17   Search committee meeting. Search committee meets with vice president for Mission and Ministry (Stephanie Russell), associate provost for Diversity and Inclusion (William Welburn), vice president for Human Resources (Cas Castro) and director of Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (Susannah Bartlow) regarding search processes
Aug. 8 Finalize Opportunity and Challenge Profile. Final approval of the public Opportunity and Challenge Profile by committee
Aug. 9 John Su communicates Opportunity and Challenge Profile to campus community; advise campus community about how to make nominations
Aug. 9 Isaacson Miller posts position on its website, position also posted on Chronicle of Higher Education (print for the special Academic Kick-Off edition and web)
Women in Higher Education (web)
Diverse Issues (web)
Hispanic Outlook (web)
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (web)
Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) (web)
America Magazine (web)
Higher Ed Impact, Daily Pulse, News and Trends in Higher Education (web)
Inside Higher Ed (web)
Marquette website
Late Aug./
Early Sept.
Ad in print edition of Chronicle of Higher Education
Late Aug. Communication to campus from John Su regarding progress of search
Aug. 26   First University Academic Senate meeting. Timetable and protocol to be discussed. Su will provide monthly updates on search to University Academic Senate
Sept./Oct. Isaacson, Miller identifies, screens, interviews prospects and candidates
Oct. 8 First presentation of active prospects and preliminary candidates to search committee by Isaacson, Miller
Sept./Oct. Isaacson, Miller interviews candidates in preparation for second presentation
Nov. 12 Second presentation of active prospects and preliminary candidates to search committee by Isaacson, Miller. Goal of meeting: Identify approximately eight candidates to be interviewed by the committee.
Early Dec. Hotel interviews by search committee. Search committee interviews candidates and selects finalists. Goal of meeting: Identify 3-4 finalists to invite to campus.
Nov./Dec. Reference checks by Isaacson, Miller
By Dec. 13 Committee requests approval from Father Pilarz to invite finalists for campus visits
By Dec. 20 Names of finalists and campus visit schedules communicated to campus community
Jan. 14-15 First finalist campus visit
Jan. 16-17 Second finalist campus visit
Jan. 21-22   Third finalist campus visit
Jan. 23-24  Fourth finalist campus visit (if needed)
Jan. 27 Committee writes summary document regarding the finalists and identifies them as “highly acceptable,” “acceptable,” or “not acceptable”
Feb. 10   Search committee meets with Father Pilarz to discuss finalists. Final selection by Father Pilarz will occur after that point.
Early March Goal: to announce new provost to campus community

Provost search contact

  • Dr. John Su
    – (414) 288-3476

Search Committee

  • Dr. John Su (Chair)
    – Professor of English and Director of the University Core of Common Studies
  • Dr. Mark Eppli
    – Interim dean of the College of Business Administration
  • Dr. Sarah Bonewits Feldner
    – Associate professor of corporate communication
  • Steve Frieder
    – Assistant to the president and corporate secretary (Arts ’95)
  • Dr. Rick Holz
    – Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. John Mantsch
    – Chair and professor of biomedical sciences
  • Dr. James Marten
    – Chair and professor of history
  • Dr. Kristina Ropella
    – Executive associate dean of the College of Engineering and professor of biomedical engineering (Eng ’85)
  • Rev. David Schultenover, S.J.
    – Professor of theology
  • Dr. Rosemary Stuart
    – Professor of biological sciences
  • Dr. Lucas Torres
    – Associate professor of psychology
  • Peggy Troy
    – Member of the Board of Trustees; President and CEO, Children's Hospital and Health System (Nurs ’74)

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