Law School leadership

Prof. Joseph D. Kearney

Prof. Chad Oldfather
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Bonnie M. Thomson
Associate Dean for Administration and Registrar

Prof. Vada W. Lindsey
Associate Dean for Enrollment

Prof. Chad M. Oldfather
Associate Dean for Research

Christine L. Wilczynski-Vogel
Associate Dean for External Relations,
Events and Facilities

Dr. Paul Katzman
Assistant Dean for Career Planning

Sean P. Reilly
Assistant Dean for Admissions

Amy Rogan-Mehta

Assistant Dean for Students

Angela Schultz
Assistant Dean for Public Service

Kathryn Mertz
Assistant Director for Pro Bono and Public Service

Erin M. Binns
Director for Career Planning

Prof. Patricia A. Cervenka
Director of Law Library

Nathaniel S. Hammons
Director of Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Prof. Matthew J. Mitten
Director of National Sports Law Institute

Christine Monroe
Director of Budget and Finance

Stephanie L. Nikolay
Director of Admissions and Recruitment

John G. Novotny
Senior Director of Development Programs

Dax Phillips
Director of Law School Technology

Kathleen Pagel

Assistant Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation

David Strifling

Director Water Law and Policy Initiative