Dr. Jeffrey Tiger Receives the WisABA Award

Dr. Jeffrey Tiger is the recipient of the annual WisABA Award for Significant Contributions to the Practice of Behavior Analysis in the state of Wisconsin for his continued efforts to train highly qualified Behavior Analysts in our state. Through his work in the university systems and his center, budding Behavior Analysts are receiving training and experiences that further the science of ABA in Wisconsin.


MAPIP Program Highlighted in a Recent Issue of Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology

Dr. Alyson Gerdes Serves as the Expert on Culturally-Adapted ADHD Treatment.

Dr. Alyson GerdesDr. Alyson Gerdes, professor of psychology, served as the expert on Culturally-Adapted Treatment for Spanish-Speaking Latino Families for Ask the Expert Webcast Chat Series presented by the National Resource Center on ADHD.

Promotions & Accomplishments:

Dr. Alyson Gerdes, for promotion to Professor of Psychology

Dr. Nakia Gordon, for promotion to Associate Professor, with Tenure

Dr. James Hoelzle, for promotion to Associate Professor, with Tenure



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New Psychology Graduate Program

The Graduate School is currently offering a M.S. or PH.D. in Psychology with a specialization in Behavior Analysis, an area of psychology that focuses on environmental influences on behavior. December 1st is the application deadlines for the following fall term.

For more coursework details and to apply, visit the Graduate School program page.

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Recent Research and Grants

Congratulations to
Dr. Kristy Nielson, for two grants on the importance of exercise or fitness on long-term cognitive outcomes in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's Disease:

A third 5-yr renewal of a multi-institutional MRI study on healthy elders at genetic risk for AD, predicting and measuring neural and cognitive indicators of risk over time; and

A multi-institutional clinical trial of six months of aerobic exercise training (vs. a flexibility control condition) in healthy elders at genetic risk for AD to attempt reduce cognitive and neural decline over time.









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