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The Neuropsychology and Personality Lab, under the direction of Dr. James Hoelzle, investigates the psychometric properties of neuropsychological assessment measures and personality inventories. Ongoing research includes: evaluation of performance-based validity measures in children and adults, reliability and validity of computerized concussion screeners, meta-analysis of traumatic brain injury sequelae, investigation of psychometric properties of neuropsychological measures, and multiple other projects. As a lab, our goal is to advance the field of neuropsychology through robust training, education, and research.

Graduate Students

Current Research Projects

The Marquette University Neuropsychology Research Lab is recruiting 8- to 16-year-old children/teensand their parent/legal guardian to participate in a research study. The purpose of this study is to understand how children and adolescents take tests measuring thinking skills. Participation will involve a 1 ½ hour visit at Marquette University. The child/teen will complete some tasks that require answering questionson paper, others that require answering with words, and some computer tasks. Parents will be asked to complete two questionnaires. Parents will receive $20 cash for participating. Children/teens will receive a junior researcher certificate, a McDonald’s Be Our Guest certificate, and a prize. Sessions are scheduled at a time that works for the family. Free parking is provided.

Please contact Elisabeth Vogt, M.S. at 414-288-7221 or Elisabeth.vogt@marquette.eduto schedule an appointment. To view the recruitment flyer click here

For Graduate Student Applicants

Dr. Hoelzle routinely recruits graduate students for entrance into Marquette University’s doctoral program in clinical psychology. Applicants with interests in: clinical neuropsychology and specifically within psychometrics, assessment, performance and symptom validity testing, and brain injury evaluation are encouraged to apply. For more information about the Neuropsychology and Personality Lab (NPL), contact Dr. Hoelzle at or one of his current graduate students.

For Undergraduate Students

NPL Spring 13 The Neuropsychology and Personality Lab (NPL) offers undergraduate psychology students the unique opportunity to apply conceptual skills learned in other courses to ongoing research projects. Undergraduate research assistants in NPL develop proficiency in SPSS data entry and interpretation, experimental design, as well as administration and scoring of selected psychological assessment measures. Students will also gain insight into current research in neuropsychology and have the opportunity to present research findings at local conferences.

To apply for a position in the NPL, please complete the application and send it to Dr. Hoelzle. Interested students should have completed foundational courses in psychology including General Psychology (PSYC 1001), Psychological Measurements and Statistics (PSYC 2001), and Research Methods and Designs in Psychology (PSYC 2050) or equivalents.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Hoelzle,, or Morgan Nitta,



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