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Alumni Graduate Research Assistants

Kelly LeMaire, Ph.D.


Kelly is a doctoral graduate from the Clinical Psychology program at Marquette University.
She grew up in South Bend, IN and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Loyola University in Chicago. Kelly’s research mentor is
Dr. Debra Oswald and her research interests
include heterosexism, LGBTQ prejudice reduction, minority stress, allied behavior, and gender
inequity. Her dissertation utilizes a ten condition, experimental design to examine variation in behavioral responses to witnessing sexual
orientation prejudice. She is particularly interested
in the way gender and sexual orientation bias may interact to produce allied confrontation behaviors. Kelly joined the MUSOGD lab in January 2015 and continues to collaborate with Dr. Heck on studies examining minority stress within parent/child relationships. She has received numerous awards during her time at Marquette, including the Arthur
J. Schmitt Fellowship
for the 2015-2106 academic year. Kelly completed her internship at Duke University and is now completing her Postdoctoral Fellowship there as well.


Alumni Research Assistants

Alex Czajkowski




BA 2015 Placement after graduation: Full-time employment.

Jillian Nichols





BA 2016 Placement after graduation: Counseling Psychology MS Program- Marquette University

Nicolas Saldivar

Nick S



BA 2016 Placement after graduation: Prevention Science MS Program- University of Oregon

Placement as of 2017: Ph.D. Student, School Psychology, University of California, Berkeley.

Alexis Arias Alexis





BA 2017 Placement after graduation:

Crystal Audi





BA 2017 Placement after graduation: Full-time employment as a Research Assistant with the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation.

Taylor Lee





BA 2017 Placement after graduation: Full-time employment as a Residential Counselor with Rogers Behavioral Health.

Ben Pleuhs





BA 2017 Placement after graduation: Full-time employment as a Clinical Research Assistant within the Pediatric Emergency Department at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Alexis Worden





BA 2017 Placement after graduation: Full-time employment as a Field Guide for New Vision Wilderness Therapy



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