Theresa Kapke

Theresa Kapke (Lauer) graduated from Marquette University in 2010 with a B.A. in psychology. During her undergraduate years at Marquette, Theresa worked as a research assistant with Dr. Alyson Gerdes and Dr. John Grych examining parent-child interactions and the effects of exposure to violence on children and adolescents. Upon graduation, Theresa worked as a research assistant at MDRC, a non-profit social policy research organization dedicated to improving programs and policies that affect low-income populations. Theresa entered the Marquette University clinical psychology doctoral program in the fall of 2012 with specific interests in developmental psychopathology in children and adolescents, contextual factors that impact child outcomes, and multicultural psychology.  She is currently working on her master’s thesis examining the impact of acculturation status and acculturation stress on self-esteem among Latino youth. 

Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts Under Review

Gerdes, A. C., Lawton K. E., Grace, M., & Lauer, T. (under review). Culturally-modifying evidence-based ADHD treatment: A grassroots approach. Submitted to Education and Treatment of Children on July 23, 2013.

Conference Presentations

Lauer, T., Haack, L. M., & Gerdes, A. C. (submitted).  Rates and predictors of psychopathology for at-risk Latino youth: Influence of parental acculturation.  Poster submitted to the conference of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Austin, Texas. 

Lawton, K. E., Lauer T., Grace, M., & Gerdes, A. C. (May 2013).  Parental locus of control and help-seeking attitudes for childhood ADHD in Latino parents.  Poster presented at the conference of the Midwest Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois. 

Lawton, K. E., Lauer, T., Grace, M., & Gerdes, A. C. (April 2013). Parental locus of control: Examination of parental gender differences and cultural influences. Poster presented at the conference of the Society for Research in Child Development, Seattle, Washington.

Gerdes, A. C., Lawton, K. E., & Lauer, T. (November 2012).  Latino adolescent mental health: Acculturation differences and family processes.  Poster presented at the Marquette University Forward Thinking Poster Session and Colloquy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Lauer, T., Deboard-Lucas, R., & Grych, J. (May 2010). Parent-child relationship moderating the effects of interparental conflict and neighborhood violence on empathy in youth. Poster presented at the 2010 Berkeley Undergraduate Research Conference, Berkeley, California.

Weinberger, K., Heideman, L., Houge, M., Lauer, T., & Gerdes, A. (March 2010). Consistency of mother-teacher reports of children internalizing behavior and the influence of parental warmth and control. Poster presented at the conference of the Wisconsin Psychological Association, Madison, Wisconsin.


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