Marquette Autism Clinic


The Marquette Autism Clinic is a specialty clinic of the Center for Psychological Services at Marquette University. The clinic is directed by Amy Van Hecke, Ph.D., an autism specialist and assistant professor of psychology, and supervised by fellow professors and licensed psychologists, John Grych, Ph.D., Alyson Gerdes, Ph.D., and Stephen Saunders, Ph.D. Doctoral students in the clinical psychology program staff the clinic. The clinic works on a sliding-fee scale based on family income. We strive to serve all clients regardless of ability to pay. Our fee is a flat rate that includes all services and can be paid in full or in smaller installments. Voluntary participation in research studies being conducted by our group may also reduce the fee required.


The Marquette Autism Clinic strives to:

Services Provided

We offer comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for autism spectrum disorders, utilizing measures considered to be the gold standard in the field. We serve all ages, starting with children as young as 2-years-old and extending through adulthood. All evaluations include the following measures, as well as any additional testing determined necessary:

Additionally, specialized speech/language evaluations are available through a partnership with the Marquette University Department of Speech-Language Pathology.

Social skills therapy groups (the Program for the Enrichment and Education of Relational Skills, or PEERS) are offered in the fall and spring for children aged 11-16.  Please see our research studies page for more information.

Clinical Staff:

Kirsten Schohl has been a clinical psychology extern in the Marquette Autism Clinic since 2010 and has served as the autism clinic coordinator during her 3rd year of graduate school. Kirsten enjoys conducting comprehensive autism evaluations with individuals of all age ranges, while continuouslylearning about autism. Kirsten aspires to be a clinical child psychologistspecializing inautism and related developmental disabilities.

Bridget Dolan has worked in the Marquette Autism Clinic since 2011. She has held multiple roles in the clinic, serving as clinic coordinator (2013-2014) and as a clinical extern. Bridget is passionate about conducing autism evaluations for the greater Milwaukee community and truly enjoys working with families from diverse backgrounds and their children. Bridget aspires to become a pediatric neuropsychologist with the hopes of running a specialty autism clinic in order to provide much needed diagnostic services.

Elisabeth Vogt involvement in the MU Autism Clinic began in the Spring of 2013. She is pleased to have the opportunity to conduct Autism evaluations and currently serves as the Autism Clinic Coordinator. She also enjoys external clinical experience at area medical centers assessing individuals for autism and other neuropsychological disorders. In addition, Elisabeth facilitates the clinical research PEERS groups: a social skills building groups for teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders. After earning her doctoral degree, Elisabeth plans to be a pediatric neuropsychologist at an academic medical center.

Christina Caiozzo has worked in the Marquette Autism Clinic as a clinical extern since January 2013. Christina is thrilled to work with a clinic that values conducting comprehensive, multi-method, multi-informant autism evaluations for the Milwaukee community. Christina approaches care from a biopsychosocial and developmental perspective and is interested in a career as a pediatric clinical psychologist.

Alana McVey is currently a first-year Clinical Psychology doctoral student under the direction of Dr. Amy Van Hecke.  Alana’s research interests focus on the overlap of anxiety and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Clinically, Alana is currently receiving training on the gold standard measures used to assess cognitive ability, and to diagnose ASD, specifically the WISC, ADOS-2, and ADI-R under the supervision of Drs. Alyson Gerdes and Amy Van Hecke.

Contact Information

If you are interested in receiving an evaluation or have further questions about our services, please contact the Marquette Autism Clinic at (414) 288-4438, or contact us via email by completing the information request form below.  We will reply to your request for information within two weeks.


Contact the Marquette Autism Clinic

If you are interested in receiving an evaluation or have further questions about our services, please contact the Marquette Autism Clinic at (414) 288-4438, or contact us on our online form. We will reply to your request for information within two weeks.