John Grych, Ph.D.

Dr. Grych and his students study a range of questions related to violence in close relationships, including the origins of physical and sexual aggression in adolescent relationships, the impact of family violence on children’s development, and processes linking childhood sexual abuse to revictimization in adolescence and adulthood. He also has published work on children’s perceptions of interparental conflict and aggression, family processes related to child psychopathology, and interventions for children from conflictual and violent families.

Undergraduates are active members of my research team, and if you are interested in being a research assistant please complete the application and email me.

Current Graduate Students

Christina Caiozzo
Jessica Houston
Arnitta McNeal

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Kati Bishop
Molly Edwards
Jackson Gray
Rachel Reit
Ericka Daniels

Past Graduates

Renee DeBoard
Danielle Defrancisco
Greg Fosco
Patrick Gunderson
Jenny Hauser-Kunz
Kristen Kinsfogel
Mark Lynn
Claire Oxtoby
Sara Raynor

Recent Conference Posters

Bellovary, Houston, Caiozzo & Grych MPA 2013
Olinger, Houston, Caiozzo & Grych MPA 2013
Perez, Caiozzo, Houston & Grych MPA 2013
Houston & Grych SRCD 2013

Lab Photo Album

SRCD poster 2013


SRCD Poster presentation 2013

SRCD dinner 2013



SRCD Dinner 2013

MPA Poster session 2013


MPA 2013

(left to right) Jessica Houston, Christina Caiozzo, Andrea Bellovary

MPA 2013


MPA 2013

(left to right) Rachel Olinger, Ashley Perez, Christina Caiozzo, Jessica Houston, Andrea Bellovary

Grych lab 2012


Grych Lab 2012

(Back row) Jessica, John, Christina, Arnitta

(Front row) Ande, Rachel, Ashley

Grych Grads 2012


2012 Graduate Students

(left to right) Jessica Houston, Christina Caiozzo, Arnitta McNeal

Grych undergrad 2012


2012 Undergraduate Research Assistants

(left to right) Ande Bellovary, Rachel Olinger, Ashley Perez


Grych Graduate Students 2011


2011 Graduate Students

(left to right) Arnitta McNeal, Bridget Dolan, Jessica Houston

Not pictured because they’re on internship: Mark Lynn, Claire Oxtoby


Grych undergraduates 2011


2011 Undergraduate Research Assistants

(left to right) Nicolette Wiliams, Chelsea Gasaway, Ashley Perez, Lauren Gallagher, Jackie Downs.

Not pictured: Rachael Renteria

Grych lab 2011


Grych Lab 2011

(Standing) Lauren, John, Jackie, Chelsea, Arnitta

(Crouching awkwardly) Ashley, Jessica, Bridget, Nikki

(Not pictured)Rachael

image_SRCD 2011



SRCD 2011

psyc/images/grych with grad 10-11


2010-2011 Graduate Students

(seated, left to right) Claire Oxtoby, Arnitta Holliman

(standing, left to right) Mark Lynn, Dr. Grych, Jessica Houston, Anna Kiel

  2010-2011 Graduate Students


2010-2011 Graduate Students
(bottom) Mark Lynn

(seated, left to right) Claire Oxtoby, Arnitta Holliman

(standing, left to right) Jessica Houston, Anna Kiel

  2010-2011  Undergraduate Researchers


2010-2011 Undergraduate Researchers
(left to right) Jaclyn Downs, Kayla Sauder, Elizabeth Manderfeld, Rachel Renteria, Sara Campbelli

Grych 08-09 Research team



2008-2009 Research Team

Grych 07-08 Research team



2006-2007 Research Team

SRA 2006



SRA 2006
(left to right) Greg Fosco, Renee Deboard, Kara Lindstedt, Sara Raynor, John Grych


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