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Graduate School Links

Marquette University Graduate School has two pages that you will find useful. One contains most if not all of the forms you will need as a graduate student, and the other is for new students.


Documenting Practicum Hours

Clinical Program students are required to keep track of their practicum hours using a proprietary software program called “Time2Track”. It is widely used and highly praised. In 2009, the cost to students was $27 per student. It is not optional. Please see the Program Assistant about paying for the program and setting up your account.

Graduate Student Handbook and Important Forms

These links take students to the Graduate Student Handbook ("The Handbook"), which contains extremely important information and should be referenced regularly. It also takes students to a page containing important forms that need to be completed over your tenure. Also on this page are important sources of information.


Contact the Psychology Department

If you have questions about clinical services, please call the Center for Psychological Services at (414) 288-3487 or fax at (414) 288-6073.

Location: Cramer Hall, 317
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Phone: (414) 288-7218
Fax: (414) 288-5333
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