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Undergraduate research assistants have an opportunity to be involved in ongoing research studies in the Child and Family Health Lab. Research assistant responsibilities will vary depending upon the status of ongoing studies. Research assistants may be involved in participant recruitment, data collection, coding of observational data, data entry in SPSS, and preparation of presentations and/or publications. Depending upon the study, research assistants may travel to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin or collect data in the community. Requirements include attendance at weekly laboratory meetings. Typically students are asked to provide a one-year commitment to working in the lab. Dr. Kaugars collaborates with other pediatric psychologists in the greater Milwaukee area, and there may be possibilities for working in other pediatric psychology research laboratories.

Students who are interested in submitting an application for a research position are encouraged to contact Dr. Kaugars by e-mail to request an application.

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

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Laboratory Photos

Kaugars lab Fall 2012 Lab photo Fall 2012: Award winning ice cream sundaes! (left to right) Lisa Wolff, Ashley Moss, Stephanie Ocwieja
Kaugars Lab MRC 2012Former and current Kaugars lab members at the Midwest Regional Conference on Pediatric Psychology: (Left to right) Lauren Perazzo, Ashley Moss, Astrida Kaugars, Susan Tran, Chris Fitzgerald
MU MRCP 2012MU attendees at the Midwest Regional Conference on Pediatric Psychology: (Left to right) Chris Fitzgerald, Lauren Haack, Astrida Kaugars, Denise Gardner, Jeffrey Karst
Kaugars lab Spring 2012 at CRI Lab photo Spring 2012: Children’s Research Institute conference (left to right back row) Astrida Kaugars, Alison Heinen, Maura Coffey, (front row) Christopher Fitzgerald, Ashley Moss
Kaugars Lab Spring 2012 Lab photo Fall 2011: (Left to right) Chris Fitzgerald, Astrida Kaugars, Ashley Moss, Maura Coffey, Alison Heinen
Kaugars lab Spring 2011Lab photo Spring 2011: (Left to right) Allison Ellsworth, Nicole Wuerl, Denise Gardner, Emily Peiffer, Sarah Hodges, Chris Fitzgerald
Kaugars labLab photo Fall 2010: (Left to right; back row) Denise Gardner, Sarah Hodges, Nicole Wuerl, Annele Kaugars (honorary lab member); (Front row) Allison Ellsworth, Emily Peiffer, Astrida Kaugars
Patricia EsparzaLab photo Spring 2010: (Left to right) Emily Peiffer, Carrie Massura, Patricia Esparza, Denise Gardner, Chris Fitzgerald, Chelsey Roberts, Astrida Kaugars
Patricia EsparzaLab photo Fall 2009: (Left to right; back row) Denise Gardner, Patricia Esparza, Astrida Kaugars (front row) Carrie Massura, Chris Fitzgerald, Sara Lamb
Patricia EsparzaLab photo Fall 2008: (Left to right; back row) Chris Fitzgerald, Emily Bird, Sara Lamb, Carrie Massura, Astrida Kaugars, Kelly Brutto, Patricia Esparza (front row) Allison Graf, Denise Gardner
Patricia EsparzaLab photo Spring 2008: (Left to right) Susan Heinze, Lisa Reinemann, Allison Graf, Chris Fitzgerald, Kara Lindstedt Leiser
Patricia EsparzaPatricia Esparza MPA presentation April 2010
Chris FitzgeraldChris Fitzgerald Forward Thinking presentation (Marquette University) December 2007


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