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Lucas Mirabito, MA Lucas Lab Website

Lucas grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina and completed his undergraduate degree in psychology and criminal justice at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. While there, his interests evolved to include discrimination and bias in the criminal justice system, with a particular focus on how LGBT individuals are perceived and treated within this multifaceted and complex system. In 2015, he earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on substance abuse treatment from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. While there, Lucas worked under the mentorship of Dr. Len Lecci studying juror bias against gay male defendants in criminal cases. This research, as well as his concurrent training in substance use disorders, led Lucas to pursue doctoral-level training focused on mental health and substance abuse disparities in LGBT populations. He joined the MUSOGD lab at Marquette in the Fall of 2015 and is interested in studying mental health disparities in LGBT populations, minority stress processes, and the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders in LGBT adults and adolescents. Lucas also continues to be interested in studying the experiences of LGBT persons within the criminal justice system.

Juan Zapata, BA


Juan Zapata is a Graduate Student in the Marquette University, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. Juan was born in Medellin, Colombia and later moved to Tampa, Florida. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Public Health at the University of South Florida. While there, his research interests included themes on masculinity and the male gender role, with a particular focus on the negative effects of a gender threat on heterosexual men’s anti-gay and defensive reactions. He joined the MUSOGD lab at Marquette in the Fall of 2016 and is interested on the intersectionality of multiple marginalized identities with an emphasis on sexual and ethnic minorities. He is particularly interested in the experiences of LGBT and HIV positive people and patient adherence to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Juan was awarded the a Diversity Fellowship from Marquette University’s Graduate School. He hopes his future program of research will contribute to the reduction of health disparities that impact sexual and ethnic minorities.

Zane Ballard, BA


Zane Ballard grew up in LaBelle, Texas and attended undergraduate studies at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. While working toward his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Zane developed an interest in aspects of sexual identity—identity salience in particular—as they relate to LGBTQ community involvement and social affect. Following graduation, Zane coordinated a study in the lab of Dr. Zina Trost at the University of Alabama-Birmingham examining the implications of an induced illusion on the likelihood of blood donation, and prospectively in the treatment of blood, injection, injury (BII) phobia. He also had the opportunity to work in a substance abuse treatment setting primarily serving low-income and homeless individuals, which broadened his conception of intervention implementation to traditionally underserved populations. Zane currently attends Marquette University as a student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program and is a graduate assistant in the MUSOGD. He hopes to continue to work with the thoroughly diverse LGBTQ community, both clinically and with the research goal of developing effective interventions for under-housed and homeless LGBTQ persons.



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