Spanish Language and Cultures Community

The purpose of this living/learning community is to provide an environment where students can practice speaking Spanish and learn about Hispanic cultures by participating in events and activities on the Marquette campus and in the surrounding Milwaukee communities.

Students who live in Spanish Language Living-Learning Community:

  • Cook delicious meals together
  • Attend cultural events on campus and in the Milwaukee community
  • Speak Spanish together
  • Enjoy time together during weekly community night on Tuesday evenings

Who is eligible?

Freshman and sophomore students who are native or heritage Spanish speakers and those who have completed or will be enrolled in Spanish 3001 during the fall 2018 term, or have placed out of this course.

Where will students be housed?

All accepted students will be housed together on a floor in Straz Tower.

How do I apply? 

Priority deadline is Feb. 28 2018 all applications are due March 10, 2017.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Gerth, Assistant Director for Residence Life Education, at