Dear students,

I hope you have all had a smooth start to the second semester after a restful and replenishing break. Though all the staff of Student Affairs took a week to be with family and friends as well, they spent the rest of the time preparing for the spring semester and are excited to have you back on campus.  

Reflecting on what makes our campus a tight-knit and caring community, I want to remind everyone that we all play a valuable role in preventing acts that violate individuals’ basic dignity. To help support that type of community, we have developed a new Web page,, which was launched today. With input from community advocates, staff from the Counseling Center, Student Health Service, Student Development and the Department of Public Safety, the site provides resources and information for the campus community. This semester we will also begin a bystander intervention program with various student groups on campus. I encourage students to participate in the training if they can and to review the information on the new website. 

Other programs and developments I’d like to call your attention to include:

Additionally, don’t forget about the ongoing services of Student Educational Services for tutoring and academic health, the Counseling Center to support your mental health, and Student Health Service for your health needs.

I wish you all many successes this semester. Know that the entire Marquette community is here to support you and your goals. If you have any questions about the services or opportunities available, please visit the Division of Student Affairs website. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always call our central office for assistance.

Dr. L. Christopher Miller
Vice President for Student Affairs


Alcohol Initiatives

Alcohol initiatives

Each student arrives to campus with different experiences with alcohol. Whether you have experience with alcohol or not, or whether you plan to incorporate alcohol into your college experience or not, the Alcohol Initiatives program strives to give you the information you need to make the right decision for you. Visit the Alcohol Initiatives site.