Senior Challenge Committee

Want to represent your class and make a difference for Marquette students? Applications are now open for the the 2017 Senior Challenge Committee. Apply today!



Meet the 2017 Senior Challenge Committee!


Maggie Allen, Arts '17, Affinity Co-chair

Calli Brauer, Arts '17, Engagement Co-chair

Rachel Dimaranan, Bus Ad '18, Marketing Co-chair

Mary Newby, Bus Ad '17, Stewardship Co-chair

Committee Members

Erin Church, Nurs '17

Vicki Clancy, Comm '17

Marie Cristoforo, H Sci '17

Grant Egan, Bus Ad '17

Cait Freschi, Bus Ad'17

Elizabeth Gevis, Edu '17

Julie Grace, Comm '17

Tim Hefferon, Eng '17

Creighton Joyce, Bus Ad '17

Adam Kouhel, Bus Ad '18

Amu Kutka, Comm '17

Bradley Pfeifer, H Sci '17

Catherine Scales, Comm '18

Sawsan Shimi, Nurs '18

Mary Wiesman, H Sci '17

Senior Challenge 2015-2016 Committee

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