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PHTH 7512: Culture and Disability

Course Learning Objectives Related to Service Learning:

  1. Students will identify differences in communication, values, practices, and beliefs between one’s own culture and other cultures;
  2. Students will be able to explain how categories of human diversity (such as race, gender, ethnicity, and disability) influence personal identities and can create structural and institutional inequity; and,
  3. Students will critically reflect upon one’s personal and cultural presuppositions and how these affect one’s values and relationships.
  4. As a result of studying a variety of culture groups (Hmong, college student, disabled, and elderly), the student will develop a richer appreciate of how “human dignity” supercedes such factors as an individual’s age, culture, ethnicity, faith, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability, and social class.
  5. The student will deepen his/her understanding of the complexity of humanity as a result of co-cultural and cross-cultural inquiry, particularly with regard to how disability impacts a person’s day-to-day life experience.
  6. The student will realize the way in which they may, as an individual and/or part of a larger group, serve as an agent of inquiry and social justice with regard to domestic and global diversity. In particular, how to apply strategies of empowerment that relate to the well-being and dignity of culturally diverse individuals.

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