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HEAL 1931: Topics in Healthcare: Veteran Cultural Awareness

Special Placement:



Agency: Center for Veteran’s Issues

Limit: 10-12 students (2-3 students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

Contact: K’uu Wamubu

Address: 3330 W. Wells Street (Vet’s Place Central)


Days/Hours of Operation:

Description of Agency/Activities: The Center for Veterans Issues is a nonprofit veteran’s administration and management organization. CVI supports the concerns of all veterans by providing information, resources, identification of funding, technical assistance and organizational development to veteran service organizations. CVI also provides transitional housing to homeless veterans, while offering many services to help veterans transition back into the community. CVI provides veteran housing, programs, and reintegration services; affordable, permanent housing for low-income veterans via property acquisition, development and property management; advocacy to address veteran’s issues; and economic development through entrepreneurial initiatives.

Student Role at Agency: Students will have the opportunity to assist with the intake of veterans between 8am and 12pm or sit-in on the clinical staffing process with case managers in which they decide the best course of action for the client as they move forward with bettering their lives. Students can also co-facilitate any group class for veterans that are offered between 8:00am and 3:00pm between Monday and Friday.


Agency: Dryhootch

Limit: 10 students (5 students on Tuesday mornings and 5 students on Thursday afternoons)

Contact: Dale Maupin, Dryhootch Veteran

Address: 1030 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee 53202


Days/Hours of Operation: The café is typically open from 8:30am to 7:00pm on weekdays. However, the conversation groups will be offered on Tuesday mornings from 9-11am and Thursday afternoon from 1-3pm. The schedules can be flexible if these times do not work for you as DryHootch sees many veterans on Monday and Friday afternoons and there would be ample opportunities to connect with them at that time.

Description of Agency/Activities: Dryhootch is a nonprofit 501c3 organization formed by combat Veterans to help Veterans returning home. Dryhootch was envisioned as a place where Veterans could gather informally in a coffee house that would provide a safe, comfortable, drug and alcohol free environment. The idea revolved around the creation of a retail coffee shop run by and for Veterans, but also supporting an extended network of Veteran families, and encouraging interaction with the community as a whole. "Hootch" was the term for a hut or other safe place to sleep commonly used in the Vietnam combat theater, and is also a play on the word's association with alcohol - one of the major problems for Veterans of all eras. The term "dry" denotes the organization's mission to provide a social gathering place for Veterans that is free of alcohol. Thus the concept behind "Dryhootch" was a desire to establish a coffee house or café like environment that is dedicated to “helping Veterans who survived the war, survive the peace.”

Student Role at Agency: Service learners will engage in weekly conversation groups with veterans at Dryhootch on Brady Street. Dale Maupin, a young veteran who is active within Dryhootch, will be facilitating many of the conversations alongside other veterans. Students will have the opportunity to hear stories about what it is like to be an active member of the military as well as what it is like to be a returning veteran in Milwaukee.


Agency: Veterans Employment Alliance

Limit: 2 students

Contact: CJ Brown, Founder and National Director

Address: 6610 W. Greenfield Ave, West Allis 53214


Days/Hours of Operation:

Description of Agency/Activities: The Veterans Employment Alliance is a nationwide workforce readiness, research, development and mentoring network that match Veterans with hiring managers from some of the largest corporations for the purpose of finding a career - not just a job. The National Headquarters for the VEA is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and active in Illinois, Minnesota, Arizona and Kansas and expanding throughout the United States. The VEA ensures equitable workforce readiness and soft skills training of the highest quality for all veterans through vision, leadership, professional development and research.

Student Role at Agency: One student will assist with completing veteran intake in the office anytime 9-5 Monday through Friday, and one student will help with the Veterans Career Camp from 9-11 on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. The Career Camp helps direct veterans in the right direction in their careers. This program has proven very successful, with a 92% hire rate and 96% retention rate for those that completed and followed the system in 2011.


Agency: Vet’s Journey Home *SUPPLEMENTARY OPTION*

Contact: Penney Johns, Vet’s Journey Home Coordinator

Description of Agency/Activities: Vets Journey Home is an organization dedicated to helping veterans with emotional issues from time in military service. Vets Journey Home focuses on PTSD, MST (Military Sexual Trauma), emotional guilt and trauma many veterans carry with them long after their time in service. These are feelings that are hard to release to family and friends who have not experienced them. Vets Journey Home is committed to giving veterans the Welcome Home they deserved and helping them heal their hearts and bring peace to their souls.

Additional Information: Vet’s Journey Home is offering a weekend retreat for a small group of veterans from 8:45am on March 21 to 7:00pm on March 23, 2014. The weekend consists of education and training regarding TBI's, PTS, MST, stress, depression, suicide prevention, somatic response to trauma, offertools to use and coping skills to prevent anxiety, rage, and flashbacks. We offer participants the opportunity to doprocess work on the stressors that prevent them from being fully present in their lives.Participantswillperformceremony and rituals that connect them to their service experiences and also release those aspects of service that no longer serve them in civilian life. If any student in the class is interested in attending this retreat, they can contact Penney for more information.


Agency: Wisconsin Court System – Veteran’s Court *SUPPLEMENTARY OPTION*

Address: Milwaukee County and City Safety Building: 821 W. State Street, Milwaukee, 53203, ROOM 310


Days/Hours of Operation: Wednesday mornings, 9:30am-12:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: In Milwaukee County, the Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office, the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and the Veterans Administration have developed a multi-faceted program to serve veterans involved in the criminal justice system. Veterans are identified during the jail booking process and connected with the State Public Defender and the VA. Both organizations screen these veterans to determine eligibility for services. Most of these programs offer an opportunity to have a charge dismissed or reduced if the offender abides by a certain set of conditions. The Veterans Justice Outreach specialist (VJO) helps link the individual to VA treatment and often reports on compliance with VA treatment programs.

Student Role at Agency: This is an optional activity for service learners to watch public cases if they are interested in learning more about the court system for veterans. Students can attend the court cases without asking for permission or by contacting Abigail Crevier-Ziebell.


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