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SPAN 4715: Advanced Spanish for the Health Professionals

Placement Options:


Walker’s Point Community Clinic

Limit: 2 students

Address:130 W. Bruce St.

Approximate travel time by car: 10 minutes. Drive east on Wisconsin Ave and turn right onto N Water St. Continue onto S 1st St and take a right on W Bruce St. Destination will be on right. Parking is on the street.

Approximate travel time by bus: 15 minutes take the BLU or #23 from 12th St and Wisconsin. Get off at West Virginia St and S 2nd St. Walk south on S 2nd St and take a left on Bruce.

Days/Hours of Operation: Service Learners can pick a 2-hour time slot from Monday 9:00am-12:00pm, or 1:00pm-5:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Walker’s Point Community Clinic (formally Madison Street Outreach Clinic) was created to provide access to health care to persons residing in Milwaukee’s South side who are unable to obtain health care due to barriers, including lack of health insurance, low income, language and cultural obstacles and geographical distances. Services at the Walker’s Point Community Clinic strive to provide cost effective and easily accessible health care to families and individuals whose only other alternative would be emergency rooms or not obtaining care at all.

Student Role at Agency: The primary role of students will be to serve as intake assistants for patients, helping at the front desk reception area, making phone calls (in Spanish) to remind patients of appointments, and some clerical work. Students may have an opportunity to shadow staff members. Spanish skills will be assessed before service begins at clinic to ensure a proper fit for both the Service Learner and Walker’s Point.

Orientation:Tuesday September 13th10am-12noon at Aurora Sinai Medical Center: Rapkin Auditorium. Rapkin Auditorium is located at 950 N. 12th St. Building A. This building is directly across the street from the Main Hospital Entrance.

Specific instructions for orientation:To reserve a seat, please RSVP. Contact information to RSVP will be provided at Sign UP Night.

Specific instructions for this site: Students will individually go to a health screening at one of the Occupational Health clinics, which will include a TB blood test, any necessary titers for MMR and Hepatitis, and a hair drug screen. Since those clinics can be pretty busy,students should call to schedule this appointment immediately after sign-up night, rather than waiting for the orientation at Sinai. The On boarding Process attachment here includes the contact information for the Occ Health clinics. Students must go through entire process of Aurora Volunteer Services on boarding, which includes the above orientation plus a health screening and drug screening at Occupational Health, and online background check.

MU Dental Clinic-South

Limit: 18 students

Address:2906 S. 20th St.

Approximate travel time by car: 15 minutes

Approximate travel time by bus: 40 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-12:00pm or 1:00-4:00 pm.

Description of Agency/Activities:The Marquette University Dental Clinic South is a clinic of the Marquette Dental School. The clinic is currently the largest dental service provider on the Southside. The clinic opened September of 2007 and is very busy.

Student Role at Agency: The Community Dental Clinic South serves a large Spanish-speaking population; therefore, students can expect to fulfill various interpretation and translation tasks. Students may work in the reception area as intake assistants, obtaining medical histories from patients and helping patients fill out forms. Students may also work with staff during dental/medical procedures as an interpreter. At times when the clinic is not busy, students can make phone calls to patients reminding them of appointments to improve attendance rates. Knowledge of dental vocabulary is a must.

Orientation:First day of service

Ascension Seton Dental Clinic

Limit: 5 students

Address:1730 South 13th St.

Approximate travel time by car: 10 minutes. Drive south on N 16th St. Turn left on Historic Mitchell Street. Turn Right on S 13th St

Approximate travel time by bus: 20 minutes. Take the #14 towards Southridge. Get off at Chavez and Mitchell St. Walk east towards S 13th St. Turn right on S 13th St. Destination is on the left.

Days/Hours of Operation: Students are available to service learn Monday – Friday 8:00am – 10:00am

Description of Agency/Activities: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Dental Clinic (formerly Madre Angela Clinic) is a collaborative program sponsored by Columbia St. Mary’s to provide dental care to people in poverty without access to care. The clinic functions as the only provider of urgent dental care in Milwaukee for people without insurance. The clinic also provides restorative care, dental appliances, dental hygiene services, and a comprehensive school-based oral health program.

Student Role at Agency: The majority of the patients the clinic sees are Hispanic and many of Spanish as their primary language. The primary role of students will be to serve as intake assistants for patients, talking and asking questions to patients, and entering information about patients to the clinic’s database. The students will sit at the front desk and will be responsible for greeting patients, as well as making reminder calls for upcoming patients. Many of the clients are illiterate, so at times the students will need to read the intake forms and educational materials to the patients in Spanish.

Orientation: First day of service

Core/El Centro

Limit:5 students

Address:130 W. Bruce St.

Approximate travel time by car:10 minutes. Drive east on Wisconsin Ave and turn right onto N Water St. Continue onto S 1st St and take a right on W Bruce St. Destination will be on right. Parking is on the street.

Approximate travel time by bus:15 minutes. Take the BLU or #23 from 12th St and Wisconsin. Get off at West Virginia St and S 2nd St. Walk south on S 2nd St and take a left on Bruce.

Days/Hours of Operation:Tuesdays 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4:30pm; Thursdays 2:30pm-4:30pm


Description of Agency/Activities:CORE/El Centro is a natural healing center for all levels of income serving populations with a special emphasis on working with the Hispanic population. The organization is founded on the central principle that the body's natural ability to heal itself is enhanced when natural healing methods are integrated with conventional medicine. The center offers a variety of services that assist an individual in their personal healing including techniques that promote relaxation, movement awareness and energy balancing. Some of the modalities the center offers are Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, Color Therapy, Acupuncture and movement classes such as Yoga, Zumba, Latin Dance and children's ballet. While parents are taking advantage of the movement classes at CORE, children can spend time at the Children's Space with staff and volunteers engaging in fun and healthy activities and games.

Student Role at Agency:Service learners are primarily placed with CORE's acupuncturist to interpret for clients. Service learners will accompany the acupuncturist in their initial assessment of clients and at the end of a treatment. Some of the other ways students will have exposure to using Spanish in the Medical Profession include assisting with client appointment reminder phone calls, greeting for and possibly participating in the morning movement/exercise classes, and observing general client/reception interaction. It is recommended that Service Learners are very confident with their Spanish skills in order to work with the acupuncturist and clients. A language assessment will be conducted prior to students interpreting. Based on the assessment, students who are not yet ready to interpret on their own will still be welcome to shadow other interpreters and reception/client interaction as well as assist in other areas (as mentioned above). Students not only need to be comfortably bilingual but must also be bicultural, i.e.- have experience working with the Hispanic population. A pre-service orientation will be required.

Requirements:Service Learners must complete a volunteer application and confidentiality agreement.

South Side Health Care

Limit:2 students

Address:1639 South 23rdSt.

Approximate travel time by car:10 minutes. Head south on N 19thSt toward W Clybourn St. Turn right on to W Clybourn St, turn left on to N 27thSt. Continue onto S Layton Blvd. Turn Left onto W Lapham St. Turn right on to S 23rdSt.

Approximate travel time by bus:30 minutes. Take the #14 towards Southridge. Get off on 16thSt and Mitchell, walk to 23rdSt.

Days/Hours of Operation:Tuesdays 9am-11am, 2:30pm-4:30pm; Thursdays 2:30pm-4:30pm

Orientation:First day of service learning

Description of Agency/Activities:South Side Health Clinic offers the following treatments to people in the community: Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening, counseling and referrals, health assessments (nursing), health care access help and referral, immunizations for infants and adults, pregnancy testing, visions, hearing, blood pressure, WIC (women infant and children).

Student Role at Agency:Students will help clients with limited proficiency in English fill out forms and go through the clinic’s process. Students will also be invited to shadow translators while they interpret for nurses giving immunizations. Tuesdays are Walk-In Clinic days that provide immunizations to children under 18 years old.

Special Requirements: Service Learners must obtain record of immunization records from Student Health Services and bring to first day, Get TB test and bring results to first day of service

Marquette ComMUnity PT Clinic

Limit: 5 students


Cramer Hall, Room 215
604 N. 16th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Transportation:On Campus


Description of Agency/Activities:The Marquette Community Physical Therapy Clinic is a student-operated physical therapy initiative housed within theMarquette Sports Rehabilitation Clinicand overseen by the faculty of Department of Physical Therapy at Marquette University. We provide physical therapy services to the medically uninsured individuals of Milwaukee by incorporating licensed physical therapists and physical therapy students in a collaborative educational model. These collaborations enable FREE physical therapy services to individuals in need while facilitating student development and hands on experience; therefore, each patient will be seen by a treatment team consisting of a maximum of four Doctorate of Physical Therapy Students and a Licensed Physical Therapist.​

Students role at the Agency:Translating for therapists and patients during physical therapy appointments.

Sixteenth Street Community Health Center-Healthy Choices Program

Limit: 6 students


1032 S Cesar Chavez Drive

Milwaukee, WI

Approximate travel time by car:6 minutes.

Approximate travel time by bus:15 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation:Monday and Wednesdays 5-8pm

Orientation: Individual

Description of Agency/Activities: "Since 1969, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers has provided high quality health care, health education and social services for residents of the multi-cultural neighborhoods on Milwaukee’s South Side.

An independent non-profit agency, Sixteenth Street now operates at five locations. Sixteenth Street is the only source of medical care for more than 7,500 individuals without any health insurance and nearly 19,000 patients who rely on the Medicaid program.

Our comprehensive health services include adult and pediatric medicine, behavioral health services, social services, women’s health, HIV prevention and treatment and an array of othersupplemental programsfor our patients. What sets Sixteenth Street apart is its innovative programming and dedication to the complete health of the individual as well as the overall health of the broader community." (from: http://sschc.org/)

Students role at the Agency:This program will allow the instructor to speak with native Spanish speakers, work with a diverse population, learn about public health initiatives, practice your teaching (and culinary) skills, as well as expand your knowledge of nutrition. Students will help facilitate small group discussions with families (parents and children) about nutrition and making healthy life choice.



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