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Course and site listing for Mary Carlson, Wendy Krueger, and Amy Van Hecke

EDUC/SPPA/PSYC 4931: Topics in Education: Autism

Special Placement:



Agency: Burbank Elementary

Limit: One group of three students

Contact: Angela Smith, Principal

Address: 6035 W Adler Street


Days/Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 2:30pm

Description of Agency/Activities: Burbank is an autism services site for Milwaukee Public Schools. The program consists of four More Restrictive Placement (MRP) classrooms for K3 – grade 8. The program’s philosophy is that disability is a natural part of the human experience and in no way diminishes the rights of individuals to participate in or contribute to society. In order to facilitate the successful movement of the children from public school education to post-secondary options, transition goals are a standard part of the curriculum. The autism teaching team believes that individuals can and should contribute to their care. The team advocates for the wants and needs of children to the greatest degree possible, thereby enhancing personal dignity. Each individual child has a right to gain knowledge and skills that will enable him or her to participate in meaningful work that is based upon their individual choice, interests and abilities. This unique program is utilized in primary and secondary classrooms. The curriculum of the autism program focuses on the acquisition of functional reading, writing, language arts, science and social studies skills. Community-based activities are incorporated into each theme unit to encourage the transfer of skills. The primary and secondary classrooms participate in Special Olympics bowling, basketball, track and field and boccé ball events.

Student Role at Agency: Burbank Elementary supports about 50 students with autism. There are 4 MRP (More Restrictive Placement) classrooms age for K3 – grade 8. Marquette students have the opportunity to work in any of these classrooms directly with the Burbank students. Principal Smith is very flexible regarding which class or time frame the MU group would like to come in and work in the classrooms.

Special Requirements: Per district policy, any MU student coming to MPS will need to complete the background check form. The completed forms can be scanned and emailed to me Nicole Strange at who will get those to the correct office to get processed. Students must have their background check cleared prior to starting their placement with any MPS school.


Agency: Goodrich Elementary

Limit: One group of three students

Contact: Sharonda Harris, Principal

Address: 8251 N. Celina Street


Days/Hours of Operation: 7:35am – 2:20pm (lunch between 11:15am and 12:00pm). The school is flexible with schedules during this time frame.

Description of Agency/Activities: At Goodrich, they strive to meet the needs of all children so that they can become responsible, productive citizens. Classroom activities focus on critical thinking, exploration and problem solving in a safe and nurturing environment. By integrating technology into the curriculum, the staff encourages students to take advantage of online resources while reinforcing classroom learning. Within the next 5 years, Goodrich Elementary School will be the first choice for parents by providing a safe and engaging learning community that will prepare students for high school, college and beyond through challenging instruction.

Student Role at Agency: There are two classrooms that MU students can work with.

In addition to the classroom teacher, each class has a full time Para and a HCA assigned to the class.

Special Requirements: Students must complete an MPS background check through Central Services. The link can be found here: Apply for the General Classroom Assistant position at Goodrich.


Agency: Lake Bluff Elementary

Limit: One group of three students

Contact: Inga Siler, Speech Pathologist

Address: 1600 E. Lake Bluff Blvd. Shorewood, WI 53211


Days/Hours of Operation: Flexible Monday – Friday. Would prefer times after 1pm, but is open to times between 9am and 12pm. Best Buddies program takes place Wednesdays from 12:20pm – 1:00, which would be a great opportunity for students to work with youth with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Description of Agency/Activities: Lake Bluff prepares students to meet the challenges of tomorrow by providing an education responsive to each child's talent and abilities in a nurturing environment. The school community values character education as well as academic growth. Their approach focuses on the whole child. The innovative and energetic teachers and staff assist students in developing the skills they will need to be lifelong learners.

Student Role at Agency: Students will have the opportunity to work in and out of the classroom with a varied caseload of students alongside the school’s Speech Pathologist.

Special Requirements: Students will receive more information about potential background checks or volunteer forms once they are confirmed to start with Inga.


Agency: Madison Elementary

Limit: One group of three students

Contact: Lynn Meehan, Speech Pathologist

Address: 9925 W. Glendale, Wauwatosa, WI 53225


Days/Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 12:00pm (preferred time option)

Description of Agency/Activities: Madison Elementary is a pre-5 to 5th grade elementary school located in Wauwatosa. 345 students are enrolled, with 64 students eligible for free or reduced lunch. The school serves a range of kids with Autism from limited language to very high functioning.

Student Role at Agency: Students will have the opportunity to work with several Speech Pathologists and an Occupational Therapist. Academics occur in the morning with functional activities taking place in the afternoon. Students can assist with the academics in the morning between 8:30am and 12:00pm, Monday – Friday, or observe groups on Friday afternoons.

Special Requirements: Students must fill out a background check and submit them directly to Lynn. Students will start the week of the 27th (must begin the 28th or later).


Agency: Milwaukee Center for Independence – The School for Early Development and Achievement

Limit: Three groups of three students

Contact: Nicola (Nicki) Cirurro, SEDA Principal

Address: 2020 West Wells Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233


Days/Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 3:00pm

Description of Agency/Activities: The School for Early Development & Achievement (SEDA) is a free public school chartered through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Founded in 2001, SEDA is an affiliate of the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI). SEDA welcomes students with and without special needs in a full inclusion environment. SEDA's K4 through second grade classes provide a solid foundation for academic success, with individualized education plans tailored to the needs of each student. Our certified staff includes teachers, therapists and classroom aides. Small class sizes allow teachers to give SEDA students individualized attention. The school offers families support and resources from the first day the child is enrolled, giving them the tools they need to help students reach their highest levels of success. SEDA'smission is to increase developmental competencies and educational achievement of young children as a strong foundation for learning and success throughout their lives.

Student Role at Agency: Students will work with individual students at SEDA.

Special Requirements: Students must go to the MCFI website and complete the volunteer and intern application. Link to the application here: After that, students must complete a TB test.If the TB test results are fine and they pass the criminal background check, MCFI will schedule them for orientation and a start date at SEDA.


Agency: St. Francis Children’s Center

Limit: One group of three students

Contact: Dori Buschke, Principal

Address: 6700 North Port Washington Road


Days/Hours of Operation: Mondays 8:00am – 10:00am (Speech begins at 8am; 8:30am Autism Therapist in classroom)

Description of Agency/Activities: St. Francis Children’s Center is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that serves children from birth through 18 years of age. Their mission is to serve and educate children with special needs in inclusive environments enabling them to reach their greatest potential. They specialize in helping children enhance their development, overcome their challenges and maximize their early education experiences so that all children, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities, can achieve optimal success within their homes, their schools and our community.

Student Role at Agency: Students will work with children who have a designated rehab team assigned to his or her care. This team includes professionals with specialized training and experience in pediatric rehabilitation. The team may consist of a Speech Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Educator, Physician, and a Psychologist. These specialists are sensitive to the unique needs of children and use therapeutic techniques that keep your child's interest and focus. MU students will have the opportunity to shadow this team on a weekly basis.

Special Requirements: Background checks are required, however, students are asked to pay $7 (estimate) for it to be processed. TB tests are also required and you must provide the results to Dori. You can get a TB test at the Marquette Medical Clinic on January 28th between 2:00pm and 4:00pm or on January 29th between 9:30am and 12:00pm. You can get your test read on January 31st between 10:30am and 2:00pm. However, if you are going on either of these dates, please inform Courtney with the Service Learning Program so she can inform the MU Medical Clinic that you will be attending. Note: St. Francis Children’s Center is expecting an accreditation validator between February 5th and February 14th and may have to reschedule your hours during this period in order to meet with the visitors.


Agency: West Allis Central High School

Limit: One group of three students

Contact: Sarah Bartosch, Speech Language Pathologist

Address: 8516 W Lincoln Ave, West Allis, WI 53227


Days/Hours of Operation: Thursday morning 7:45am – 11am (Preferred day) Friday morning 7:45am-11:00am (if Thursday absolutely doesn’t work)

Description of Agency/Activities: West Allis Central High School is a public high school, grades 9-12, with about 1,589 total students.

Student Role at Agency: The group of students will have the opportunity to rotate among four different classrooms and a therapy room with individual students. Students’ cognitive abilities are grouped as severe, moderate, and high functioning. You will have the opportunity to rotate between the different classes and the therapy room alongside the school’s Speech Language Pathologist.

Special Requirements: Students must fill out the Volunteer Form as soon as possible. Fill it out and ‘confidential fax’ it to 414-256-6308 Attn: Kristen Gurtner, Director of Human Resources. You can also scan and email it to her at or mail it to her at 1205 South 70thStreet, 5thfloor, West Allis, WI 53214.



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