Service Reflections with Audra Walker, a Marquette Service Learner

Audra Walker, a Marquette senior studying Speech Pathology & Audiology has taken several Service Learning classes throughout her time at Marquette. Through these classes, Audra has fulfilled her Service Learning requirement at the United Community Center, Center for the Spanish-Speaking, and International Learning Center. Audra is a highly-involved student at Marquette, dedicating her time to organizations ranging from the Marquette Dance Team to Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honors Society. In addition to Service Learning, Audra accompanies other Spanish-speaking students to the Southside of Milwaukee to teach English at a local church. Here is what Audra has to say about her Service Learning experience:

My service learning experiences have been valuable to me as I strive to remain continuously involved in community service throughout my life. It has helped to connect my majors (speech pathology and Spanish for the health professions) to service, and my values to those of Marquette's. I have had experiences and opportunities that have shaped me into a more open-minded and caring individual. You never know where you're wanted and needed until you open your eyes, ears, and arms up to opportunity. I can't say enough positive things about all of my experiences serving through my four years...almost more valuable than class work at times.

I have conversed with many different types of people of different colors, origins, ages, and temperaments. I have helped to feed, dance, clean, make crafts, study for Drivers Licenses and citizenship; I have helped assist Speech Language pathologists within their therapy sessions; I have helped teach basic computer skills, led phonics lessons, and learned ‘Head, shoulders, knees, and toes’ in Burmese!

It is challenging to relate to people at first, but that's what I love most is getting to know these beautiful people and learning from their stories and our experiences together. I've worked with Hispanic, Hmong, African, and Asian friends and every individual has made me smile or ponder an aspect of life that I wouldn't have been able to experience without the opportunity to learn through my service.

I've loved every single one of my placements. It has been worth waking up early, traveling around on the bus, getting to know myself and the city of Milwaukee while being the difference.



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