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PHAS 7117: Ethics and Diversity in Healthcare

Special Course: Presentations

Students will sign up in class and do not need to come to Sign-Up Night. ___________________________________________________________________________

Agency: Benedict Center

Contact: Meagan Winn

                Phone: 414-347-1774 ext. 212



Address: 135 W. Wells St., Suite 700

Description of Agency: Benedict Center offers basic education classes, high school diploma classes, and a variety of support components (Parenting, Job Readiness and Placement, etc.). All of the women involved in the program have at one time in their lives been arrested, usually on a misdemeanor, non-violent charge.

Population: Women in conflict with the law

Description of Project: Presentations for women that utilize their services on HIV, sexual health, women’s health issues, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.


Agency: Pan-African Community Association (PACA)

Contact: Michael Grochowski

Phone: 414-442-5864



Address: 4063 N 64th St. Unit A Milwaukee, WI 53216

Description of Agency: Established in 1999, the Pan-African Community Association is a non-profit organization that centers on providing support, resources, and services to recent African refugees and immigrants. One of the association’s main goals is to provide its clients with support as they make a smooth transition to American Society, while preserving and maintaining their African cultural values and beliefs. According to the Executive Director of the program, there are nearly 7,000 to 10,000 African immigrants living in the Milwaukee area. As a result of their transition to the Milwaukee area, many of these individuals face challenges including cultural misunderstandings and lack of communication abilities with school and community officials, making it difficult to find necessary resources. To assist these individuals, PACA has an after school tutoring program that works with an average of 25 grade school and high school students each day.

Population: African refugee children and teens in the after school program

Description of Project: Health promotion focused on cultural adjustment-related health issues faced by refugees and immigrants, healthy decision-making in the American context


Agency: 16th Street Community Health Center

Contact: Liz Hovel

                Phone: (414) 385-3769



Address: 1337 S. Cesar Chavez Dr.

Description of Agency: The Center is an innovative, case-managed, and family based primary health care provider committed to providing quality health care to residents of the near Southside of Milwaukee, which are traditionally limited in their health care options because of cultural and/or financial barriers. The center’s comprehensive health services and programs include: primary health care services (maternity, pediatrics, family practice, internal medicine and dental); the Women, Infants and Children Supplementary Food Program (WIC); health education classes; behavioral health services; HIV prevention and treatment; physical and occupational therapy; Social Services; Perinatal Outreach Project; First Time Parents Program; Lead Outreach; and environmental projects. Most of the staff are bilingual.

Population: The clinic provides high quality health care, health education and social services to low-income residents in Milwaukee’s culturally diverse south side.

Description of Project: The Diabetes Support Group is a unique aspect of the whole-person care available to our patients.  Patients with diabetes gather monthly to talk about their challenges and successes, socialize, connect, and plan events.  The group has a familial atmosphere and is an excellent social network.  Many support group patients also participate in exercise classes at SSCHC and several are training to be health promoters for the greater community.  While people from all cultures are welcomed, most patients in the group are native Spanish speakers.  A presentation in Spanish could be especially useful but we would translate one in English.  Diabetes (and comorbidities such as depression or kidney disease) in the Latino community would be a great topic.


Agency: Central City Churches

Contact: Alicia Ellis

                Phone: 414.342.1522


Address: 3022 W. Wisconsin Ave.

Description of Agency: Central City Churches Outreach Ministry is a neighborhood outreach ministry for the surrounding Milwaukee community. It assists people who are in need of housing, food, employment services, and companionship. Service Learners would need an open mind and an open heart for this placement. The core of this ministry is hospitality, respect, and compassion. It aims to respond faithfully to its neighbors and their emergent needs with direct service, information and referral.

Population: CCC are a diverse congregation made up of people with widely differing life stories and experiences. The population is 50% male, 20% seniors, and 30% women & children. The ethnic diversity is represented as 70% African-American, 20% Caucasian-American, and 10% Hispanic American.

Description of Project: Students will discuss the warning signs of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. and also give information that would help the caregiver address these illnesses in their patients.


Agency: Dryhootch of America

Contact: Mark Flower

                Phone: (414) 416-7651


Address: 1030 E. Brady St.

Description of Agency: Dryhootch was begun by veterans and family members to insure the newest generation of warriors and their families get the support they deserve. In order to offer the social healing space that is so important to recovery from PTSD and alcoholism and drug addiction, Dryhootch offers a supportive environment in the form of a coffee shop. Veterans and family members can come to enjoy a cup of coffee, music, art, and the camaraderie of others. They learn of programs available to them to aid in their transition home, while enjoying the support of those who have navigated the path before them, which eases them in the programs or services they need without the stigma of a “disorder”. Dryhootch programs and services include Veteran peer mentoring, conversation over coffee, legal help, housing assistance, family peer mentoring, addiction support groups, music, art and writing.

Population: Individuals from the Veteran community, family members, and others interest in Veteran related topics.

Description of Project: A variety of mentoring groups are held on PTSD, addiction, family support, survivors of suicide, veterans over 60, and woman veteran issues. The veteran led support groups discuss a wide range of topics, all possibilities for presentation, including combat stress, family support, mental health topics, relapse prevention, drug and alcohol abuse, physical exercise, job skills, etc.


Agency: International Learning Center

Contact : Kerri Richlen

Phone: 414-344-4777



Address: 639 N. 25th Street

Description of Agency: The purpose of the International Learning Center is to provide English language and communication skills to Southeast Asian and African adult refugees who have had little or no prior education in their own country. Most students function at a 4th grade reading level or lower. A primary goal is to help students regain their self-sufficiency and become contributing members of the community. The curriculum emphasizes practical life skills and job readiness. Students are taught to speak, read, and write at a level required to perform such tasks as filling out job applications, making appointments, finding a job, and attending a parent-teacher conference. Regular program activities include English classes from entry to Pre-GED levels, helping in the math lab and computer lab, tutoring, bilingual assistance, and family literacy. A preschool for 2 1/2 -5 year olds is provided while adult students are in class. Whole group instruction is used for English classes. Class size ranges from 15-20. Math lab allows students to work at their own level and pace. Students' skill levels vary from addition and subtraction to pre-algebra. In the computer lab, students learn basic word processing and practice skills using educational software.

Population: Southeast Asian and African adult refugees who speak little or no English.

Description of Project: Students will present to students in Kerri Richlen’s beginning English class, which takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 8pm. In order to reach the students who speak little or no English, presenters need to have hands-on material or many visual aids.


Agency: Our Next Generation

Contact: Michelle Schuerman

Phone: 414.344.2111


Address3421 W. Lisbon Ave.

Description of Agency: Our Next Generation, Inc. (ONG) is a nonprofit, community-based organization providing one-on-one mentoring and support programs for urban youth in the 35th Street and Lisbon Avenue community. ONG serves nearly 450 children from 25 schools. Our Next Generation’s mission is "to operate and maintain charitable, educational and social activities for central city residents of all ages, creeds and races, with special emphasis on children and their families." ONG seeks to help children achieve their full potential and grow into successful adults through envisioning a positive future and helping youth develop life skills that will make them successful.

Population: At-risk youth, mostly African-American

Description of Project: ONG seeks to mentor youth to make good choices during adolescence, so potential topics include avoiding gangs, drugs, alcohol, and anti-social behavior, nutrition, etc.


Agency: Guest House of Milwaukee

Contact: Erik Koepnick

Phone: 414-345-3240 ext. 2012



Address: 1216 N. 13th Street

Description of Agency: The Guest House provides shelter, housing, education and services to Milwaukee’s homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity and purpose. Founded in 1981 by the Central City Churches, the Guest House offers emergency shelter, transitional shelter, transitional housing and permanent housing for homeless adult men. Services provided include: case management, benefits counseling, AODA treatment and support groups, mental health counseling, education, employability skills assessment, job training and placement, access to primary health care and psychiatric services (including medication monitoring), and referrals to other community-based agencies and providers.

Population: Predominantly Homeless men, African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, some with alcohol/drug addiction, some with mental illness, unemployed/underemployed, ranges of ages

Description of Project: Possible topics include men’s health, accessing free or reduced-cost medical care, the Affordable Care act, or health concerns such as high blood pressure and diabetes which are prevalent in this population.


Agency: Nativity Jesuit Middle School

Address: 1515 S. 29th St.

Contact: Jim Wilkinson

                Phone: 414.645.1060x203


Description of Agency: Nativity Jesuit Middle School is a 6-8 middle school serving Hispanic boys in the inner city. It is school for Latino boys that sets a foundation to develop future Christian leaders in the community. The school also offers a Graduate Support program, as the overwhelming majority of Nativity graduates "will be the first in their family to graduate from high school, let alone pursue a college degree." The students partake in after-school activities from 3:15 - 6:00 pm. The boys also attend a five week residential camp each summer in northern Wisconsin.

Population: Middle school Hispanic boys in grades 6-8

Description of Project: Possible topics include bullying, violence prevention, drug abuse, structured athletic and recreational activities, self-esteem, preventative health and nutrition


Agency: Jewish Home & Care Center- Adult Day Center

Address: 1414 N. Prospect Avenue

Contact: Beth Draper

                Phone: (414) 277-8848


Description of Agency: At the Jewish Home and Care Center, residents are in the center of a circle of caring that includes family and friends, physicians and medical professionals, and the professional caregivers of the Home. Residents and their family members are invited to take an active role in the residents' care plans, and family meetings are scheduled on a regular basis that includes the residents. Unlike a hospital or acute-care setting, staff at the Jewish Home has a unique opportunity to form long-term relationships with individual residents. The Adult Day Center is a safe, structured and nurturing environment where a loved one can enjoy the social interaction of peers, while providing caretakers and families the freedom they need. At the Adult Day Center, we understand what it takes to care for a loved one with the beginnings of dementia and the emotional needs of a socially isolated adult.

Population: Seniors from a variety of faith backgrounds with a wide range of needs, including those in early stages of memory loss or desiring social interaction

Description of Project: Possible topics include wellness and exercise, nutrition, falls awareness, the benefits of staying active, issues of living with CHF, dementia, osteoporosis, arthritis, visual deficits, diabetes, and chronic pain. Memory management and/or activities would also benefit a large portion of the population.


Agency: Milwaukee Center for Independence

Contact: Bryan Kennedy (Director of Organizational Development)

                Phone: (414) 290-0037


Contact: Sara Herr (SmartBaby Coordinator)

                Phone: (414) 937-3998



Address: 2020 W. Wells St.

Description of Agency: Milwaukee Center for Independence is a comprehensive, community-based rehabilitation facility and sheltered workshop that helps people with developmental disabilities live and work in the community. The MCFI offers over 50 programs and services to assist people of all ages. Every program is led by a certified, experienced, and professional staff. Each year, the MCFI helps nearly 10,000 individuals reach their personal goals. Programs include the following:

Population: MCFI assists individuals and families with special needs including children, teens, adults and older adults.

Description of Project: Presenting to pregnant mothers for their SmartBaby clients. Students will need to contact both, Bryan Kennedy and Sara Herr.  Students will need to fill out necessary paper work with Mr. Kennedy.  Students will need to complete a background check, TB test, and other MCFI paperwork.  Bryan Kennedy will also facilitate an on-site orientation with the students. 



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