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NURS 6244: Health Promotion

Special Course: Presentations


Agency: Aurora Adult Day Center  

Contact: Valerie Ruppel (Program Supervisor) 

                Phone: 414-290-5491



Address: 336 West Walnut St. Milwaukee, WI 53212

Description of Agency: The agency holds adult day services, which provide group and individual activities and a place to socialize with other adults. Some clients have persistent metal illness, depression, or developmental disabilities. Nutritious meals and snacks, nursing care and consultation, counseling, social services, massage therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, and transportation are all services provided by the center.

Population: Milwaukee adult residents

Description of Project: Students will present on a preventative health care topic.  In the past students have developed presentations on preventative health measures, dealing with stress, nutrition, blood pressure, etc.

Agency: Bread of Healing Clinic- The Adult Center and the Girls' Group (Two Groups)

Contact: Linda Radder 

                Work Phone: 414-344 -1746

                Cell Phone: 920-889-8685.



Address: 1821 N. 16th Street

Description of Agency: Bread of Healing clinic began as a ministry at Cross Lutheran Church in 2000. The clinic began as one volunteer physician and one volunteer nurse one day each week and has since then grown to a much larger agency, serving members of the community four half days each week, seeing 300-350 patients each month. The clinic is able to provide more than one million dollars in medical care to more than 1500 patients who do not have medical insurance. Bread of Healing’s mission is to provide high quality medical care for people with chronic illnesses who work but may not have access to health insurance. Bread of Healing believes that health is an issue of faith, social justice, and wholeness, and provides the opportunity of healing for all.

Population: Adult Center- group of women anywhere from age 55 to 97. Girls’ Group- young women from the church

Description of Project: One group will present to the Adult Center. The Adult Center has programming every Tuesday morning.  Therefore, students who sign up for this group, must be able to present on a Tuesday morning.  Potential presentation topics for the Adult Center could be hearing and hearing aids, Warfarin use or incontinence.  The other group will present to the Girls’ Group.  Possible topics for this presentation could be: Hygiene for the Teenage Girl, Nutrition and Exercise for the Teenage Girl, The Effect of Anger on the body and Anger Management.

Agency: Cathedral Center

Contact: Ana Treptow

                Phone: 414-831-0394



Address: 845 N Van Buren St.

Description of Agency: The Cathedral Center is a shelter for women and families facing an emergency housing crisis. The center is home to 32 women and 8 families for up to 90 days while they work with case managers to achieve a personal action plan. Volunteers are needed to keep things running smoothly and to address client needs.

Population: Homeless women and children.

Description of Project: Students will present on a preventative health care topic.  In the past students have developed presentations on preventative health measures, dealing with stress, nutrition, hygiene, etc.

Agency: Jewish Home & Care Center

Contact: Beth Draper

                Phone: (414) 277-8848



Address: 1414 N. Prospect Avenue

Description of Agency: At the Jewish Home and Care Center, residents are in the center of a circle of caring that includes family and friends, physicians and medical professionals, and the professional caregivers of the Home. Residents and their family members are invited to take an active role in the residents' care plans, and family meetings are scheduled on a regular basis that includes the residents. Unlike a hospital or acute-care setting, staff at the Jewish Home has a unique opportunity to form long-term relationships with individual residents. The Adult Day Center is a safe, structured and nurturing environment where a loved one can enjoy the social interaction of peers, while providing caretakers and families the freedom they need. At the Adult Day Center, we understand what it takes to care for a loved one with the beginnings of dementia and the emotional needs of a socially isolated adult.

Population: Seniors from a variety of faith backgrounds with a wide range of needs, including those in early stages of memory loss or desiring social interaction.

Description of Project: Possible topics include wellness and exercise, nutrition, falls awareness, the benefits of staying active, issues of living with CHF, dementia, osteoporosis, arthritis, visual deficits, diabetes, and chronic pain. Memory management and/or activities would also benefit a large portion of the population.

Agency: Our Next Generation

Contact: Sessie Agbley

Phone: 414-344-2111


Address3421 W. Lisbon Ave.

Description of Agency: Our Next Generation, Inc. (ONG) is a nonprofit, community-based organization providing one-on-one mentoring and support programs for urban youth in the 35th Street and Lisbon Avenue community. ONG serves nearly 450 children from 25 schools. Our Next Generation’s mission is "to operate and maintain charitable, educational and social activities for central city residents of all ages, creeds and races, with special emphasis on children and their families." ONG seeks to help children achieve their full potential and grow into successful adults through envisioning a positive future and helping youth develop life skills that will make them successful.

Population:  Predominantly young Somalian refugees and immigrants

Description of Project: ONG seeks to mentor youth to make good choices during adolescence, so potential topics include avoiding gangs, drugs, alcohol, and anti-social behavior, nutrition, etc.

Agency: Pan-African Community Association (PACA)

Contact: Michael Grochowski

Phone: 414-442-5864



Address: 4063 N 64th St. Unit A Milwaukee, WI 53216

Description of Agency: Established in 1999, the Pan-African Community Association is a non-profit organization that centers on providing support, resources, and services to recent African refugees and immigrants. One of the association’s main goals is to provide its clients with support as they make a smooth transition to American Society, while preserving and maintaining their African cultural values and beliefs. According to the Executive Director of the program, there are nearly 7,000 to 10,000 African immigrants living in the Milwaukee area. As a result of their transition to the Milwaukee area, many of these individuals face challenges including cultural misunderstandings and lack of communication abilities with school and community officials, making it difficult to find necessary resources. To assist these individuals, PACA has an after school tutoring program that works with an average of 25 grade school and high school students each day.

Population: African refugee and immigrant children and teens in the after-school program.

Project Scope: Health promotion focused on cultural adjustment-related health issues faced by refugees and immigrants, healthy decision-making in the American context.

Agency: SET Ministry

Contact: Sandra Smith-Dill

                Phone: 414-550-8375



Address: 1350 E. Locust St., Milwaukee

Orientation will be held at: 1525 N. 24th St., Milwaukee

Description of Agency: SET Ministry is a Milwaukee community-based health and human services agency. They help socially and economically disadvantaged people set and achieve goals that promote self-sufficiency and improve their lives. The Housing Case Management Program provides stability and a higher quality of life to adults living in public housing in Milwaukee. SET’s nurse case managers and social work case managers focus on assisting seniors and residents with disabilities so that they can be self-sufficient.

Population: Adults living in public housing- residents have a high incidence of mental health concerns and most have experienced some trauma, such as being homeless, or victims of abuse or an absent parent.

Description of Project: The students will be required to attend an orientation, complete a back ground check and TB test.  Students will present to residents on topics such as, healthy fast food choices, cooking when you are a diabetic and/or how to quit smoking.

Agency: Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning

Contact: Kristin Annen (Social Worker) and Crystal Hoecherl (School Nurse)

Phone: (414) 304-6800



Address: 1017 N. 12th Street

Description of Agency: Wisconsin Conservatory of Life Long Learning is a K-12 year round MPS School. The mission of WCLL is to develop children, who are diverse in cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ability levels and learning styles, into caring individuals and responsible citizens. WCLL provides quality education through a cooperative relationship of home, school and community. It is their goal to empower students to meet the global challenges of today and realize the dreams of tomorrow. WCCL is conveniently located just north of Aurora Sinai Hospital on 12th Street and is an easy walk from Marquette’s campus.

Population: A variety of students in grades K4-12 with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ability levels and learning styles.

Description of Project: Students will work with the school social worker and the school nurse to develop a health promotion project for the students.  Please email both Kristin Annen and Crystal Hoecherl to set up the initial meeting.




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