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NURS 6244: Health Promotion

Special Course: Presentations


Agency: Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services

Contact: Aaron Goyette

Phone: (414) 643-5108, direct line (414) 755-1995



Address: 1215 S. 45th Street, West Milwaukee, WI 53214

Description of Agency: Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services provides tutoring and academic instruction for adults in the south side of Milwaukee who are working to create greater economic security for themselves and their families through education. The center’s programs include small group and one-on-one tutoring in English Language Learning (ELL), Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED instruction, citizenship preparation, and basic computer skills. The overall mission of Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services is to provide education, life skills training and workforce development instruction for adult learners in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect. Learners are inspired and empowered to enrich their lives and their communities.

Population: Milwaukee Achiever learners come from diverse backgrounds, are of all ages, and are working towards a variety of academic and career goals. Many of the learners are undergoing career changes and need to improve their employment skills.

Description of Project: Students can present on a variety of topics including personal and preventative health, importance of exercise, etc.

Agency: 16th Street Community Health Center

Contact: Liz Hovel

Phone: (414) 385-3769



Address: 1337 S. Cesar Chavez Dr.

Description of Agency: The Center is an innovative, case-managed, and family based primary health care provider committed to providing quality health care to residents of the near Southside of Milwaukee, which are traditionally limited in their health care options because of cultural and/or financial barriers. The center’s comprehensive health services and programs include: primary health care services (maternity, pediatrics, family practice, internal medicine and dental); the Women, Infants and Children Supplementary Food Program (WIC); health education classes; behavioral health services; HIV prevention and treatment; physical and occupational therapy; Social Services; Perinatal Outreach Project; First Time Parents Program; Lead Outreach; and environmental projects. Most of the staff are bilingual.

Population: The clinic provides high quality health care, health education and social services to low-income residents in Milwaukee’s culturally diverse south side.

Description of Project:

Diabetes Support Group

HealthyPregnancies prenatal class

Agency: Holton Youth and Family Center

Contact: Katie Polace

Phone: 414-226-6210



Address: 510 E. Burleigh Street

Description of Agency: The Holton Youth & Family Center is an urban community center engaging the youth and families of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods. This neighborhood center envisions a healthier community that possesses access to health, wellness, and recreation services by bringing education, arts, and leadership programming to youth. Their mission is to engage surrounding community resources for the betterment of neighborhood quality of life.

Population: Predominantly African American and Latino youth, ages 5-19. A bulk of their participants and elementary and high school-age.

Description of Project: Bullying, violence prevention, drug abuse, structured athletic and recreational activities, preventative health and nutrition

Agency: Boys and Girls Club

Contact: Devon Reid

Phone: (414) 267-1598 (Office) (414) 852-2374 (Cell)



Address: 3275 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive (3rd Street), Milwaukee, WI 53212

Description of Agency: The Boys and Girls Club is a youth guidance organization offering positive and safe activities for children ages 6 - 18. The Boys and Girls Clubs exist to inspire and empower all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Population: Children in grades K-8 from diverse backgrounds

Description of Project : Students can present on a variety of topics, possibly relating to the programs listed above, including promotion of good behavioral choices and avoiding negative behaviors, avoiding alcohol and drugs, finding non-violent disputes, maintaining positive relationships, nutrition, bullying, etc.

Agency: Repairers of the Breach

Contact: Ryan Pardo

Cell Phone: (973) 452-6077

Office Phone: (414) 342-9323



Address: 1334 W. Vliet Street

Description of Agency: Repairers of the Breach Medical Clinic serves a homeless population in Milwaukee’s central city. The clinic is run primarily through volunteers and students, providing primary medical care as well as preventative health education programs.

Population: The clinic serves both a homeless population and adult residents of our inner city neighborhood. The patient population is largely African American, with 80% of that group being male.

Description of Project: Presentations addressing preventative health and the importance of practicing preventative health behaviors.

Agency: St. Ann's Center for Intergenerational Care

Contact: Delma Vega

Phone: 414-977-5034



Address: 2801 E. Morgan Avenue (25th & Morgan)

Description of Agency: St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care is a facility that that offers care on different levels so that it is tailored to the needs of the client. As part of the facility, St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care includes a childcare program. Children involved in childcare at the facility are separated into eight different classrooms based on age. In those classrooms the children are nurtured to grow creatively and educationally in a safe environment. Activities that the children participate in are scheduled by the staff in the Childcare Program and often include arts and crafts, hands-on activities and music therapy. As part of the mission of the agency, children are often incorporated in activities with the participants in the Adult Day Program offered on site. St. Ann's Intergenerational program brings clients of all ages together for planned and informal activities. Children benefit from positive one-on-one attention from nurturing, caring adults, and adults gain a sense of purpose by sharing wisdom and skills with children. Adults talk and smile more as they remember their own childhood and their children. They also participate more in activities. Adults and children look forward to these special times when they share and learn from one another.

The mission of St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care is to provide community-based health and educational services for children and frail adults and to serve as a resource and support for caregivers. The Center, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, reflects Franciscan values in meeting the spiritual, psychological, social and physical needs of all who participate regardless of faith, culture or ability to pay.

Population: Children and elderly adults

Description of Project: The topics of the presentations will be decided with the site contact or staff in the initial meeting in mid- February.

Agency: Jewish Home & Care Center (2 groups)

 Contact: Beth Draper

              Phone: (414) 277-8848



Address: 1414 N. Prospect Avenue

Description of Agency: At the Jewish Home and Care Center, residents are in the center of a circle of caring that includes family and friends, physicians and medical professionals, and the professional caregivers of the Home. Residents and their family members are invited to take an active role in the residents' care plans, and family meetings are scheduled on a regular basis that includes the residents. Unlike a hospital or acute-care setting, staff at the Jewish Home has a unique opportunity to form long-term relationships with individual residents.

Population: Seniors from a variety of faith backgrounds with a wide range of needs, including those in early stages of memory loss or desiring social interaction

Description of Project: Possible topics include wellness and exercise, nutrition, falls awareness, the benefits of staying active, issues of living with CHF, dementia, osteoporosis, arthritis, visual deficits, diabetes, and chronic pain. Memory management and/or activities would also benefit a large portion of the population.

Agency: Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning

Contact: Kristin Annen (Social Worker) or Aimee Harris (Guidance Counselor)

Phone: (414) 304-6800



Address: 1017 N. 12th Street

Description of Agency: Wisconsin Conservatory of Life Long Learning is a K-12 year round MPS School. The mission of WCLL is to develop children, who are diverse in cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ability levels and learning styles, into caring individuals and responsible citizens. WCLL provides quality education through a cooperative relationship of home, school and community. It is their goal to empower students to meet the global challenges of today and realize the dreams of tomorrow. WCCL is conveniently located just north of Aurora Sinai Hospital on 12th Street and is an easy walk from Marquette’s campus.

Population: A variety of students in grades K4-12 with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ability levels and learning styles.

Description of Project: Students will work with the school social worker to develop a health promotion project on oral hygiene.

Agency: Pan-African Community Association (PACA)

Contact: Nicole Acosta

                Phone: (414) 442-5864



Address: 4063 N 64th Street Unit A

Description of Agency: Established in 2007, the Pan-African Community Association is a non-profit organization that centers on providing support, resources, and services to recent African refugees and immigrants. One of the association’s main goals is to provide its clients with support as they make a smooth transition to American Society, while preserving and maintaining their African cultural values and beliefs. According to the Executive Director of the program, there are nearly 7,000 to 10,000 African immigrants living in the Milwaukee area. As a result of their transition to the Milwaukee area, many of these individuals face challenges including cultural misunderstandings and lack of communication abilities with school and community officials, making it difficult to find necessary resources. To assist these individuals, PACA holds tutoring classes for approximately 30 grade school and high school students and also assists African immigrants with educational, housing, and other needs.

Population: African refugees and immigrants

Description of Project: Health promotion focused on cultural adjustment-related health issues faced by refugees and immigrants.




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