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Marquette University specifically addresses Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures in the online student handbook.


Marquette also has a policy that addresses sexual misconduct when minors are involved.

Employees, students and volunteers who have direct contact with minors in on- and off-campus programs must undergo background checks and training.

Any adult covered by the Working with Minors policy is required to report any inappropriate behavior to the person in charge of the program or activity and to the Department of Public Safety and to contact law enforcement as appropriate.

If you’d like to initiate the student conduct process, the victim advocate can help you, the Dean of Students' office at 414-288-1412, or the Title IX Coordinator at 414-288-3151.

You can also have a support person, including the victim advocate, accompany you throughout the student conduct process.

Marquette University prohibits all forms of sexual violence, coercion, intimidation and harassment. The university does not permit any form of sexual misconduct, including, but not limited to, sexual assault and interpersonal violence. This policy has dual purposes. It serves as a measure for the university to determine, after the fact, if behaviors trespass against community values. It also should serve to prevent sexual misconduct by providing a guide to the university's expectations relative to sexual responsibility and sexual respect within the Marquette community.

When an allegation of sexual misconduct is reported to the university and a violation of this policy is found, the university will take prompt corrective action and impose appropriate sanctions so that the learning and employment opportunities of students, faculty and employees are not further affected by sexual misconduct. The university complies with federal, state and local laws, including the reporting of all crimes to law enforcement authorities.

Get Support: Contact Resources

If you or someone you know have been a victim of sexual misconduct, information about available resources can be found HERE.