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Federal Regulations require that borrowers of student aid go through exit counseling when they graduate, drop below half-time status, or leave Marquette University. The purpose of Exit Counseling is to familiarize borrowers with their student loan obligation, and to assure that our office has current information on file for borrowers. A "HOLD" will be placed on borrower's accounts until they complete this requirement.

This requirement is IN ADDITION to the exit counseling required by The Office of Financial Aid.

You may fulfill this requirement in one of two ways.

Visit UAS's convenient EXIT COUNSELING WEBSITE and complete the interview online.

You may complete a paper packet and return it to our office. To request a packet, call our office at (414) 288-6818.

Exit interviews must be completed online, or completed on paper and returned to the Office of Student Loan Accounts & Collections within three weeks to prevent placement of a hold on all university services including: transcripts; diploma; and access to register for subsequent semesters. For those electing to complete a paper packet, the following items must be completed, signed and returned:

  • Exit Interview Questionnaire
  • Exit Interview Check List (Health Profession and Nursing Loans only)
  • Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement

If you are continuing your education either at Marquette University or another institution, you should indicate this on the exit interview questionnaire.

Exit interview packets must be returned, regardless of whether you expect to return to Marquette University or to another university.