Deadline: September 26, 2014 (5:00 pm CST)

Upload a word document that in 2 pages or less, answers the following:

  • Team Name
  • Team Members and unique skill sets
  • Description of problem you are trying to solve
  • Description of your solution. Why is your solution better than the status quo?
  • How do you plan to grow your business?
  • Description of who will pay you to solve this problem Why will they pay you to solve this problem?
  • How is the problem currently solved?
  • What are the three biggest assumptions about your social venture that if you are wrong will make it impossible to succeed?
  • What do you expect to spend most of your next $100,000 on? Your next $1,000,000 on?
  • What will motivate you to keep going when things get really tough?


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“Ultimately, we must understand the
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